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Can't Backup iPhone 6 to iTunes, How to Fix iTunes Backup or Sync Failure

Jul. 01, 2015 17:21 pm / Posted by Jerry Cook to iPhone 6 Tips
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itunes can’t backup iphone 6

Situation 1:
I connected a new iPhone 6 and restored from iPhone 4 backup using USB. Everything works normally but when I'm trying to back up the iPhone 6 (using USB) I get error message that it can't backup as error message occurred. Any ideas?

Situation 2:
I have over 426GB of free space on my iMac hard drive yet iTunes claims not enough free space to back up my iPhone 6. Tried everything: rebooted both iPhone and computer; reinstalled iTunes; deleted contents of /var/db/lockdown; deleted all old backups of my device... I've been having no problems at all for at least a year and did nothing unusual recently that I can think of.

Do the situations look familiar to you? If your answer is positive, you should really read on to get tricks to fix the "Can't Backup iPhone SE/6 to iTunes" issue.

6 Small tricks to fix iTunes backup/sync failure
How do I backup my iPhone 6 to iTunes without using iTunes

6 Small tricks to fix iTunes backup/sync failure

How to I backup my iPhone 6 to iTunes without using iTunes

If, unfortunately, none of the above tricks could fix the "iTunes can't backup iPhone 6 to iTunes" issue, you might need to figure out a new way. How about backing up iPhone 6 without using iTunes? Yes, you can backup and restore iPhone even without iTunes provided that you have the iPhone Care Pro downloaded to your computer.

Download Free iPhone Care/Tuneup/Speedup Software:

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Free Trial
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Step 1. Launch the program and connect your iPhone 6 to the computer via a USB cable. Click "Trust" when a message says "Trust this computer?" on your device. Click on "Backup &Restore" from the main interface to use this function.

Step 2. Click "Back up Now" button when you get the following interface. The backup is exactly the same as your iTunes backup.

backup iphone 6 to itunes

Once you need to restore iPhone from backup, you need to do exactly the same as Step 1 and all the backups will be displayed in a list. Choose the backup file you need to restore and then click the Restore button.

Free Download Advanced iPhone System Care Software Now:
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