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5 Ways to Speed up Slow iPhone 7/7 Plus after iOS 11 Update

December 26, 2017 16:43 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to iOS System Tuneup
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I understand how it feels when the iPhone seems to take forever to respond or open an app. After updating to iOS 11, however, many users including me found that the iPhone 7/7 Plus became sluggish and lagging, which definitely drove me crazy. So here, I have concluded 5 useful tips to speed up slow iOS 11 on iPhone 7/7+ and other devices. Hope it also works for you.

1. Force Reboot your iPhone 7/7 Plus

So, this is only a small trick when iOS 11 update slows down iPhone performance. Force restarting your device can help remove the temporary files, caches and close apps that keep taxing your CPU.

To do this, press and hold Volume Down button and Power button for you iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Release both buttons when you see the Apple logo.

how to hard reset iphone 7

To completely fix iPhone slow after iOS 11 update, you also need to try below methods.

2. Clean up Memory to Accelerate iPhone 7/7+

Over time your iPhone is filled with accumulating junk files, apps, photos, iOS profiles and other invisible files, which will cause your iPhone 7/7 Plus slow to respond. With iOS 11 and later, when you go to Settings > iPhone Storage, you will find some recommendations to save up memory, like offloading apps and uploading photos to iCloud Library.

ios 11 iphone storage suggestions

If you don’t have enough iCloud storage or don’t want to remove any data, alternatively, I will suggest you take Tenorshare iCareFone into consideration, which can transfer your photos, music, videos and so on to a computer before you delete them, and clean up all unnecessary files to speed up iPhone 7 after iOS 11.

free up space on an iphone

3. Disable Unnecessary Activities and Services on Your Device

Some users replied that turning off Background App Refresh, Location Service and other features had great impact to fix iPhone 7/7+ sluggish after update iOS 11.

Here are some activities you can choose to disable when your iPhone is running unbearably slow:

Background App Refresh: Settings > General.
Location Services: Settings > Privacy.
Reduce Motion: Settings >General >Accessibility.
Reduce Transparency: Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast.
Automatic Downloads: Settings > iTunes & App Store.

turn off background app refresh to speed up iphone

4. Reset All Setting for A Lagging iPhone

If you find the iPhone 7 acting sluggish, it’s a good way to reset all settings. You won’t lose any data in this way. Only the personal settings like ringtones, wallpaper will be restored to default settings.

To reset setting on your iPhone, just go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Hopefully, you can greatly improve the slow performance.

reset iphone setting to improve performance

5. Update to Newest iOS Software

The ultimate solution for iPhone lagging and freezing is to update the iOS software, as the new update always contains bug fixes and improvements. Generally, we can use OTA or iTunes to get thie job done, but this time I will recommend using Tenorshare iCareFone as it doesn’t require Wi-Fi environment nor erase any contents.

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Below is how you can update iOS 11 software without losing data.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone 7/7P or any other iOS device with Tenorshare iCareFone after installation on your PC/Mac.

ready to update iphone 7 software

Step 2: Select Repair Operating System and click Fix Now. You will be prompted to download the latest iOS firmware online. Here, let’s take iOS 11.2.1 as an example.

download ios firmware package online

Step 3: Run repairing process when the IPSW file is ready. When it finishes, your device will automatically boot with the new iOS software installed.

successfully update iphone to newest ios 11

After that, your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will not perform as slow as before. Hope you can find these 5 tips beneficial in accelerating a slugging iPhone.

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