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How to Block a Phone Number on iOS 10 iPhone, iPad

Feb.12, 2018 11:35 am / Updated by Jerry Cook to iOS System Tuneup
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The dawn of smartphone era brings us tons of conveniences. But they also come along with tons of annoyances, such as the barrage of unsolicited unknown calls and messages.

As irritating as it might be, there’s nothing that we could do about it other than blocking their numbers, so there won’t be the second time. And sadly, for iOS users, life’s getting more difficult in this part of the town after iOS 10 upgrade. How do you block a phone number in iOS 10? Is there any workaround?

Block a Phone Number in iOS 10 from the Messages App

Go to the conversation for the person you want to block and tap the “i” icon on the top-right.

getting the sender’s info

Now tap the contact’s name or number you see on the top, and this will take you to the person’s detailed contacts screen.

Here in the bottom, you’ll see the “Block this caller” option. Tap it and confirm “Block Contact” to block it. Once you do this, the option will turn into “Unblock this contact” which will easily let you unblock them without going to the Settings app.

block contact from messages app

Block a Phone Number in iOS 10 from the Settings

From the Settings app, you can both block and unblock contacts. Open “Settings” app and go to “Messages“.

messages menu

From here tap “Blocked“ and tap the “Add new..” button to add a new number to the block list.
Now search for a contact and tap it.

find and block a contact from settings

If you want to unblock a contact, swipe left on its listing and tap “Unblock“.

Block a Phone Number in iOS 10 from the iPhone Call App

The quickest way to block a spam caller is from the Phone app.

blocking spam caller from the phone app

To do that, go to the “Recents” tab in the iPhone call app and tap the “i” icon next to the phone number or the person’s name.

From the bottom here, tap the “Block this caller” button. Then select “Block Contact” to confirm.

With a Little Help from Third-Party Phone Number Block Apps

There are also some third-party apps that offer the ability to block unknown numbers. Some of them are Hiya (Free), CallBlock ($3.99), Who called ($0.99).

These apps will provide a realtime alert of incoming spam calls, filter and block unwanted calls, allow reverse phone lookup, notifies you if the phone number you’re calling is a spammer and much more.

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