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Top 2 Ways to Unlock an iPhone 5/5C to Work for All Carrier

September 19, 2017 09:23 am / Posted by Jerry Cook to Unlock iPhone Password
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If you have purchased your iPhone 5 or 5c from a carrier provider, your phone is probably network locked which means it will only work on the network it has been purchased from. So, if you have got yours from, say AT&T, it will only work on the AT&T network and it can’t be used with other networks.

Locked phones usually come for cheaper compared to unlocked ones. The greatest advantage of having an unlocked phone is that you can use the phone with any carrier in the world you want. Your phone is not locked to a specific carrier and you are free to choose who you want to use it with.

If you have already purchased a locked iPhone 5 or 5C and you wish to unlock it to move to a new carrier, then you will be glad to know that doing so is totally possible and you will just have to go through a few steps before your phone is unlocked.

Here are the top two ways to unlock an iPhone 5/5C:

1. Ask Your Carrier to Unlock Your iPhone

Some carriers allow you to unlock your iPhone and you have to submit them a request for the same. Once they receive your request, they process it and you get a code that enables you to unlock your iPhone and use it with whatever carrier you want.

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However, you should note here that some carriers do not allow for their phones to be unlocked. So, the best thing is to first ask your carrier if they allow and then further proceed with the application.

2. Use a Cell Phone Unlocking Service

You can also use a cell phone unlocking service to get your iPhone unlocked. In this method, what you need to do is you need to go to the website that provides phone unlocking service and place an order to unlock your phone.


Usually, these websites ask you for your phone’s model number, the IMEI number, and the carrier the phone is currently being used on. Once they have this information, they take about four or five days to process the unlock and you then get a confirmation from the site letting you know your phone’s been unlocked.

Extra Tip: How to Unlock iPhone 5/5C Backup Password

In most iPhone unlocking cases, you will find that you have to backup your device and then erase it and then activate it on the new carrier. If you made a backup of your iPhone using iTunes and you set a password and you have now forgotten it, there’s a great app called iPhone Backup Unlocker that allows you to unlock the backups of your iPhone and restore your iPhone with those backups.

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So, that’s all how to unlock your iPhone 5/5C to use any carrier and how to unlock your iTunes backups for iPhone 5/5C if you forgot it.

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