Fixing iPad Won’t Update

Whenever the new iOS version is launched, every user tries to update their device to new iOS. However, several kinds of problems occur while updating an iOS device to the latest software. Recently, several iPad users reported that my iPad won't update and why this is happening. Especially, users encountered with this problem when they are trying to update their device to iOS 12.

That's why we come up with several solutions that you can try to fix it along with reasons why you are facing the problem while updating your iPad.

Part 1: Why Won't My iPad Update?

There can be many reasons and one can't predict the exact reason for the update problem. The most common reasons are:

  • Insufficient storage space on your iPad can put you in this update problem. Update process requires enough space to carry out while procedure seamlessly.
  • It is always suggested that whenever you do update on an iOS device, make sure that you have 50% battery power. Thus, low battery power can also be the reason.
  • Poor internet connection can also be the reason why you are not able to update your iPad to the latest software.
  • Another very obvious reason is incompatible iOS. Thus, updating your iPad to an iOS version which is not fully compatible with your iDevice can make you go through this problem.

Part 2: How to fix when iPad won't update?

Hence, you are aware of probable reasons and let's now try out below-mentioned effective solutions to resolve it.

Solution 1: Check Wi-Fi Connection

As we said earlier update requires a stable and good internet connection. That's why if you can't update your iPad then check Wi-Fi connection to which your iPad is connected. Make sure that it is reliable and stable enough to complete the update process without any hassle. Go to your iPad settings to ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is working properly.

check Wi-Fi connection

Solution 2: Check iPad Storage

If there is no problem in connection and still, you are facing a problem while updating then you need to check your iPad storage. Updating an iPad on low space can halt the process and cause many problems during update. Therefore, if your iPad has insufficient space then you have to delete unnecessary data or you can also uninstall an app that is required or you used rarely. If it is a storage issue then with this method you will probably fix this update problem.

Step 1: Go to the "Settings" on your iPad and then, move to "General".

Step 2: Now, tap on "Storage & iCloud Usage" and then, click on "Manage" option to free up space by deleting apps.

check ipad storage

Solution 3: Force Quit Settings App

Have enough space on iPad and again facing an iPad iOS update failure problem? Then, try to quit the settings app forcibly as it can certainly fix the problem.

To force quit settings app on iPad, follow the below simple steps:

Step 1: Open the settings app and then, tap on the "Home Button".

Step 2: Thereafter, again press "Home button" for two times and this will display all the apps which are running in the background.

Step 3: Here, you need to swipe up settings app to quit it forcibly.

force quit settings app

Solution 4: Wait for a While

It might be the case that Apple server is down or not working properly when you are trying to update your iPad to iOS 11 or 12 version. Or maybe many users are updating their iPad at the same time which makes server down or busy. Thus, in this case, a better solution is to wait for a few hours until the server is not cooled down.

Solution 5: Force Restart iPad

Another effective solution that you must try to come out of this update problem is restarting your iPad forcibly. Restart can fix many software issues and thus, if the problem you are facing is due to software issue then it will be fixed with this method.

To force restart iPad, press and hold down the Home and sleep/wake button together until you don't see Apple logo on your iPad screen.

force restart ipad

Solution 6: Fix iPad Won't Update without Data Loss

If you don't want to take risk of losing your precious data on iPad then must go for the Any iOS System Repair to fix the iOS update problem. This tool has features called repair operating system that can fix problems in instant or by one-click. It is specially designed for solving various issues on iPhone/iPad/Pod.

Here is the quick guide on how to fix iPad won't update or iPad stuck on update bar. After system repair, your iPad will update to latest iOS without data loss.

Step 1: Download and install the software on your computer and then, click on the "Fix All iOS Stuck" option after connecting your iPad to computer.

repair operating system

Step 2: After that, click on "Start Repair" and the software will suggest you download the firmware and downloading process will start after you tap on "Download".

download firmware

Step 3: Once the firmware is downloaded, again click on "Start Repair" to begin the repairing process. Once the software repairs your iPad operating system, it will also show you latest iOS version.

begin repair process

Solution 7: Update iPad with iTunes

If you don't want to use software then you can use another way to come out of this problem which is updating your iPad with iTunes.

Here is the simple guide on how to update iOS on iPad via iTunes:

Step 1: Run the latest version of iTunes on your computer and after that connect your iPad to the computer using cable.

Step 2: Thereafter, click on your device icon and then, go to the "Summary" tab. Here, click on the "Check for Update". If latest Ios version can be installed on your iPad then iTunes will install it automatically.

check for update


That's all to come out of iPad fails to update problem and among all solutions, Any iOS System Repair is the most recommended solution as you can fix the problem without losing existing data on your iPad.

/ Posted by Jerry Cook to iPad Follow @Jerry Cook