iPad Won't Connect to Wi-Fi? Here is the Fix

Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the basic functionality of mobile phones. Whether it is iPhone or iPad, the Wireless connection is a very helpful feature in iOS devices. But, unfortunately sometimes users experience the Wi-Fi not working condition and that can be a big trouble as it will interrupt the working of the iPad.

So, if your iPad won't connect to Wi-Fi, then go through the article as we have mentioned several possible solutions to this problem.

Part 1. Frequently Reported Wi-Fi Problems

The most frequent problems that arise while connecting the iPad to Wi-Fi are:

  • Wi-Fi says no internet access
  • Wi-Fi grayed out
  • Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting
  • iPad can't locate Wi-Fi
  • Simply showing notification as iPad won't connect to Wi-Fi

All these issues are quite common and can happen in any iOS device. But don't worry, there are various solutions that you can try and most of them are explained in the next section.

Part 2. 7 Ways to Fix iPad Wi-Fi Not Working or Connecting

Here are 7 most effective and easy solution to fix your iPad's Wi-Fi.

Way 1: Check Your Wi-Fi Router

Restarting the Wi-Fi Router is also one of the basic things. This can be the easiest solution if your Wi-Fi not connecting to your iPad. simply turn off the Router from the main switch and wait for 10 seconds and then turn it back on and then check if your Wi-Fi gets connected to your iPad or not.

Way 2: Turn Wi-Fi off and Back On

If the Wi-Fi router is fine, then you should also check the Wi-Fi on your iPad. Go for switching the Wi-Fi of your iPad and then turning it back on after some time. Then you should try to connect your iPad to Wi-Fi. If still, your iPad is not connecting to Wi-Fi, then try the other methods.

Way 3: Forget Wi-Fi network and reconnect

Sometimes, doing the unreasonable things also fix the problems. That's the same criteria applies to the forget Wi-Fi methods. Follow the steps below to resolve the iPad Wi-Fi not working issue:

Step 1. Open the Settings app and go to Wi-Fi settings.

Step 2. In the Wi-Fi menu, select the Network name and tap on forget the network option on the top of the list.

forget the network

Then again run a scan to find your Wi-Fi network and connect your iPad with it and see if the problem still persists.

Way 4: Restart/ Force Restart iPad

No matter what people say about the restarting the devices to fix various issues, it can really work sometimes. And until the cause of the problem is not eliminated iPad will not connect to Wi-Fi, thus you can try Forced or Simple Restart of your device. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Press the Sleep button and the home button together and hold it for some time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

restart iPad

Step 2. Then again press and hold the Sleep and Home button to turn on your iPad.

There are slightly greater chances that it will fix the problem in your IPad.

Way 5: Reset Network

Resetting Network Settings is a very effective solution if your iPad is not connecting to Wi-Fi. As the Wi-Fi settings also come under the network settings, the Wi-Fi data will be erased too. To reset the network settings, follow the steps below:

Open the Settings app and go to General Settings and scroll down to find the Reset settings. And in the menu, choose the Reset Network Settings option.

reset network settings

Way 6: Reset All Settings (Data Loss)

If the iPad Wi-Fi not working issue is still not resolved in your IPad, then it is time that you try the Reset all settings option. Instead of choosing the All Settings, select the Erase all Content and Settings to remove all the data and settings from the iPad. This will also erase the cause of the problem in your iPad. Follow the steps below:

Open Settings app and navigate to the Reset option in the General settings. Then choose the Erase All Content and Settings option to erase all data and settings from the device.

erase all content and settings

You will be prompted to enter your passcode to complete the process and then your iPad will restart automatically.

Way 7: Repair iPhone System to Fix iPad Wi-Fi Connecting Issue without Data Loss

If none of the above-listed solutions works out for you and you are still experiencing the Wi-Fi not connecting to iPad problem, then it is time to use the Any iOS System Repair . The software is specially designed to fix all the issues that arise in iOS devices. If your iPhone or iPad is stuck on the Apple logo , iPad recovery mode, your iPad screen is black or Wi-Fi not working, this iPad system repair tool will fix all the issues and your data won't lose.

To fix the Wi-Fi problem, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Download and install the software on your computer and launch it. Then connect your iPad to the computer and allow the software to detect the device automatically. Once the iPad is connected, select the "Fix All iOS Stuck" option from the main interface.

select fix all iOS stuck option

Step 2. Then, in the next screen, select the "Start Repair' to start repairing of your iPad.

repair ipad wifi not working

Step 3. You will be prompted to download the Firmware package. Tap on the download option and wait for it to be finished.

download firmware package

Step 4. When the download finish, tap on the "Repair now or Start Repair" option. Thus, the process will start and by the time it is finished the problem will cease to exist.

 repair your iPad

There you will have your iPad good as new without any working issue.


Now we can conclude that if your iPad will not connect to Wi-Fi, then there is an entire list of solution that can be tried out. And if all the methods fail, Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot) is still here to fix all your iOS issues. Using the iOS system recovery software gives 100% surety that your iPad will be fixed in no time.

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