iPad DFU Mode: How to Enter and Exit

In this article, you will gather up the knowledge of how to enter and exit DFU mode on iPad with few simple steps. But before we get to the process, it is important that we learn what is DFU mode and how can we use it. Moreover, we are also going to learn the methods that would help the users to get fix the iPad stuck in DFU mode.

Part 1: What is an iPad DFU Mode

The word DFU stands for Device Firmware Upgrade and the mode signifies a mode which allows the device to restore from any state. The DFU mode is the section where the BootROM accepts the iBSS and gets burned into the hardware. When an iPad is in DFU mode, the screen is completely black. Usually you need to put iPad in DFU mode for jailbreak or iOS problems fix. Let's get started to the procedure.

Part 2: How to Put iPad in DFU Mode

Here are the steps to put an iPad in DFU mode:

Step 1. Run iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Connect iPad to computer with USB cable.

Step 3. Press and hold down the Power button and the Home button simultaneously and wait for at least 10 seconds.

Step 4. Release the Power button but continue to hold down the Home button for 5 more seconds. The iPad screen will stay black, and iTunes will prompt that it has detected an iPad in recovery mode

Note: If your iPad screen is not black, like it shows Apple logo, your device has entered to recovery mode, but not DFU mode. You can try the above steps again until the iPad screen turns to black.

Part 3: How to Fix When iPad Stuck in DFU Mode?

How to fix when an iPad gets stuck in DFU mode and won't turn on? There are three ways to get iPad out of DFU mode.

Way 1. Exit iPad DFU Mode Manually

The most obvious method to exit the DFU mode is to do it manually. Simply press the Home button and Power button together and hold it for few seconds. The iPad will display the Apple logo and then you can let go the buttons. This will exit the DFU mode and you will be able to use your device again.

Way 2. Using iTunes to Exit iPad DFU Mode

  • You can fix iPad stuck in DFU mode using iTunes.
  • Start iTunes on computer.
  • Connect your iPad to computer.
  • Press and hold Home button and Sleep/Wake button at the same time for 10 seconds.
  • Release both buttons.
  • Press shortly the Sleep/Wake button.

Way 3. iPad Stuck in DFU Mode and Won't Restore? Repair iOS System to Fix It

Does your iPad Mini stuck in DFU mode black screen and you can't fix it using iTunes? Here is the solution by using iOS System Repair. It can fix 50+ iOS problems, including iPad black screen and won't turn on, iPad stuck in recovery mode, Apple logo, etc. without data loss. Let's see how to fix iPad DFU mode without iTunes.

Step 1. Download the iOS system repair software and run it on your computer. When the software is launching, connect your iPad with the computer. Then from the main interface, choose the Fix All iOS Stuck option.

ios system repair

Step 2. Then tap on the Start Repair option to start the process.

fix ipad dfu mode

Step 3. In the next screen, you will be prompted to download the firmware package. Tap on the Download button to download the package and wait for it to finish.

download the firmware package

Step 4. When the firmware package is downloaded successfully, tap on the Repair Now option to begin the process. The software will start to fix the issue in your iPad and when the process completes, your iPad will reboot.

repair your iPad

In the end, your iPad will be fixed and none of its data will be lost. The iPad will get back to its normal state and you will be free to use it.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you know everything about the process how to put iPad into DFU mode and also how to fix iPad DFU mode. But be careful with the mode as you won't be able to restore your device if it gets stuck. Luckily an iPad System Repair tool is here for your rescue and can fix over 50+ issue sin iOS devices.

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