100% Work – How to Unlock iPad Passcode without Passcode

The advent of technology knows no bounds. From carrying out our day to day task to our never-ending trails of communication, our iPads, iPhones does it all efficiently. Losing out on our device may result in a full stop for an array of activities. The disabling of iPad can incur heavy amount of halt! However, restoring it may be one of the options. There are other ways of unlocking your iPad without the requirement of passcode or computer. Which is why, we have listed a couple of ways to address the issue of how to unlock iPad without passcode, iTunes or even computer in this article.

Method 1: Unlock iPad without Passcode without iTunes

Any iOS System Repair is the impeccable repairing software that mends the problem of unlocking your iPad without using passcode. With its ultra-technology, you can deal with the serious iOS issues like frozen screen, black screen and stuck issues in a convenient manner. It has a brilliant advance mode that helps user in unlocking iPad without passcode or iTunes need. Curious to know how! Then, the following steps will teach you how to unlock iPad via Any iOS System Repair.

To fix the problem, follow the steps below:

Step 1: To begin with unlocking your iPad, simply download Any iOS System Repair on your desktop. Patiently wait until it fully loads and direct to the main page. Then, tap on 'Repair Operating System'./p> fix ios stuck

Step 2: From the following screen, click on 'Advanced Mode' at the bottom and then clicj 'Start Repair' on the next screen.

start repair

Step 3. In advanced mode, the program will now process a firmware package to download accordingly. Hit on 'Download' to get the firmware.

download firmware package

Step 4. Now that the respective firmware package is downloaded, you just have to click on 'Start Repair' tab to get into iPad without passcode.

start repair


  • The simple way of unlocking iPad without using any password or syncing with iTunes.
  • Any iOS System Repair can mend serious iOS related issues like logo stuck screen, black screen etc.


  • None yet

Method 2: Unlock iPad without Passcode with iTunes

iTunes is a handy option for unlocking iPad. Just ensure that your device is fully synced with iTunes! If so, then make use of the steps mentioned below!

Step 1. Firstly, tune into iTunes from your pre-trusted desktop (already synced). Now, use a lightening cable to link a connection between your iPad and PC.

Step 2. After that, select device icon from the top left corner and select 'Summary'. Then, select 'Restore iPhone' button. This way, you can unlock your iPad without passcode.

restore ipad via itune


  • A free way to unlock your iPad, if the device is pre-synced with computer.


  • Do not work in resetting iPad, if the device is not synced.
  • It's not suitable if you don't want to lose data; this method will wipe off everything from device.

Method 3: Unlock iPad without Passcode using Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone feature is one of the services rendered by Apple's iCloud. Essentially used for locating the device, this feature can also unlock your iPad in an unimaginably easier way. Following is the comprehensive guide on how to unlock iPad with Find My iPhone's feature of iCloud. Following is the comprehensive guide on how to unlock iPad with Find My iPhone's feature of iCloud.

Step 1: To unlock iPad without passcode, browse for iCloud's main website and login with your iCloud's credentials. Once signed in, search for 'Find My iPhone' icon available on the program and tap it.

unlock with find my iphone

Step 2: Now, search for 'All Devices' tab from the top section followed by selecting your iPhone from the drop down menu.

unlock ipad

Step 3: Lastly, tap on 'Erase iPhone' button followed by 'Erase' button. That's it! You can now get into your iPad without passcode.

erase ipad


  • You can remotely use this service from your pre-trusted device.


  • The data will be lost as a result.
  • If your device has not enabled the 'Find My iPhone', then you cannot unlock your iPad using this method.

Method 4: Unlock iPad without Passcode in Recovery Mode

Various iPad models work down in different ways. Similarly, unlocking iPad without passcode can be done differently! Suitably, look out for the respective iPad model.

iPhone 6 or lower versions: To initiate the process of unlocking iPhone 6 or below versions, you first need to turn off your device. Then, hold 'Home' key and link your iPhone with Mac/Windows PC until iTunes application doesn't work. Once 'Connect to iTunes' appears, you can lose your fingers from the 'Home' key.

iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: Switch off your device> press 'Volume Down' key> link your Mac/Windows PC to iPad while iTunes applications doesn't prompt to work.

1. Repeat Step 1 as above and then hold down the 'Power' and 'Volume Down' key for a couple of seconds. Release hold from 'Power' key but continue holding 'Volume Down' key. After 'Connect to iTunes' occurs, lose the 'Volume Down' key.

iPhone 8/8 Plus/X/XR/XS/XS Max: Long press 'Volume Up' key> hold 'Volume Down' keys together. Then, hold down 'Power' key until 'Connect to iTunes' does not prompt over your iPad's screen.

Now, iTunes will automatically detect your iPhone in the recovery mode. Simply, click on 'OK' > 'Restore' button to unlock iPad without passcode.

iphones recovery mode restore


  • Gives 100% proven results for recovering iPad, iPhone or any iOS device!


  • Results in data loss
  • The process is quite lengthy and time consuming.


In this article, we've briefly discussed various ways on how to unlock iPad without passcode! However, some are easy to implement, other eats out a good chunk of time. But, one of the efficient ways of unlocking your iPad without passcode or iTunes is via Any iOS System Repair. A user-friendly tool that mends an array of iOS related issues with ease.

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