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Should I Update iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to iOS 8 Bata - Top 10 Reasons Not to Upgrade

June 19, 2014 10:25 am / Posted by Jerry Cook to iOS 8
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should i update to ios 8 beta

Should I Update My iDevice to iOS 8 Beta?

Apple has introduced iOS 8 at its WWDC 2014, and glorified this new update with lots of new features. Flipped? If you are heading to update to iOS 8 beta, hold off on the installation! Many developers and other users who updated to iOS 8 beta (beta 1, beta 2 and new betas) have reported that the new iOS 8 is buggy, unstable, hard to use, easy to drain the battery life, etc.

Therefore, we advise you not to update to iOS 8 beta. And we list reasons why you shouldn't.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Update iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 8 Beta

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Note: If you lost iPhone notes due to other scenarios, like accidental deletion, factory settings restore, jailbreak, White Apple logo screen of death, you can try the methods below to get back all missing notes from iPhone.

How to Recover iPhone5S/5C/5/4S Notes after iOS 8 Update - 3 Best Options to Choose

Read the reasons and you will be very clear about iOS 8 bugs, known errors that other users are seeing while upgrading their devices.

should i install ios 8 beta

1. iOS 8 Beta Update Erases Data and Settings on Your Device

You will face the hassles of data loss and other stability issues on your device if you update to iOS 8 beta. Lots of users have suffered losing contents on iPhone and have tried every means to recover lost files after iOS 8 update.

Note: Remember to backup your iPhone before iOS 8 update, so that you will find back data easily when they are lost.

2. Difficult to Downgrade iOS 8 Beta Back to iOS 7

It's very hard to downgrade iOS 8 beta to iOS 7, like iOS 7.1.1. Apple does not offer any official methods for you to downgrade to iOS 7. There are some sources declaring tutorials to help you for downgrading, but most of them could case data loss and damage on your device.

install ios 8 beta

3. Cannot Restore from iOS 8 Backup after Downgrading to iOS 7.1.1

Many users complained that it is not possible to restore iPhone/iPad/iPod touch from iOS 8 backup after the downgrade. The restore functionality is limited to iOS 7 versions at the moment, so you will not be able to restore data between the time you update to iOS 8 and the time you downgraded back to iOS 7.

Failure to restore from backup after an iOS update or downgrade can be solved. You can try the top 3 methods in the article iPhone won't Restore from Backup after iOS 7 Update. It will quickly help you out.

should I download ios 8 beta

4. Can't Jailbreak Your Device

Hackers now are not likely to release any jailbreaks until the final release of iOS 8 comes out, since Apple might fix all existing exploits used in evasi0n7 before the final iOS 8 release. Therefore, you cannot jailbreak the iOS 8 beta.

should i upgrade to ios 8 beta

5. Compatibility Issues of Third-party Apps on iOS 8 Beta

Some third-party apps for iOS 8, iOS 9.3 are said to be affected with compatibility issues, such as Zoom crashes your activation, Google Chrome stops working, YouTube playing in Safari gets sound cutoffs, alien blue doesn't load lots of images and they show as black screen.

ios 8 beta download

6. A Great Many Untested Bugs in Apps

The iOS 8 beta versions could be loaded with untested bugs inherent with stock apps. This will cause iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into random reboot, white Apple logo screen of death, black screen, and other unpleasant issues.

7. Drain Battery Life Easily and Quickly

Just like updating to iOS 7, the new iOS 8 beta drains battery life easily. People with iPhone 5S are noticing their device is getting extremely hot while updating to iOS 8 beta 1.

not to update to ios 8 beta

8. Not Fully Optimized for Performance

Apple is working hard on fixing bugs, issues and limitations with the iOS 8 beta, but performance issues will be existing until the final update comes. Reports said the bad performance is obviously found on iPhone.

9. iPhone Is Getting Slow and Unresponsive

Many users in forums complained the iPhone is getting slow and struggles after iOS 8 beta installations. This is because of background tasks (Optimizations, Spotlight, Siri…). If your iPhone does not respond for a long time, or it crashes after iOS 8 update, you can try the easy way in the article iPhone/iPad/iPod Crashes to fix it.

10. No Technical Support from Apple

Apple and its developers will not provide any technical support for the issues from the yet untested iOS 8/9.3 beta update. If you encounter any iOS 8 beta bugs, you will have to wait until the final release or wait for the bug-fixes in the upcoming beta iteration.

Conclusion: Betas are designed solely for developers to report bugs and test compatibility with their apps. Therefore, if you are an average user, wait until the final release of iOS 8. It will come to public in September, 2014.

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