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8 Tips to Improve iPhone/iPad/iPod's Battery Life in iOS 8

June. 16, 2016 2:12 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to iOS 8
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"Yes I was warned but iOS 8 is seriously eating up my battery on my iPhone 5s. In just a course of 30 minutes I went from 100% down to 86%. How to extend my battery life?"

Suffering serious battery drain after iOS 8 update? Actually you are not alone. While iOS 8 contain a ton of new features, they also have an impact on the battery life of your devices. And according to some users, iPhone 4s and iPad Air suffer the most serious battery drain problem when update to iOS 8. No need to worry about it. You can try the following several ways to fix iOS 8 battery life problems on iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone SE/6a/6/5a/5c/5/4S/4, iPad Air/4/3/2, iPad mini 2/mini, and iPod touch 5th generation. And they all apply to the battery life issues of iOS 10/9/8.

Way 1. Turn off Apps You are Not Using

There are some applications that you don't use frequently, or you just forget to turn them off when you finish using. With these applications running on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, your battery is killed in a great extent. Thus, turning off some apps you don't really need, such as location service, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, can greatly save battery in iOS 8.

Way 2. Find Apps that Waste Most Battery

In iOS 8, you can find your battery usage under settings. In order to extend your iPhone, iPad, or iPod battery life, you can go to Settings > Usage > Battery Usage, and find those applications that drain most of your battery. Facebook, for example, is such a power hungry app. You can reset it and turn off its autoplay video and background refresh.

ios 8 battery saver

Way 3. Close Notification Center

It's not necessary for you to have stocks showing up on your notification center if you are not a stock trader. All this useless stuff does is wasting the battery of your device every time you open the notification center. So it's wise of you to disable notification center, along with those you don't really need or want.

Way 4. Disable Automatic Updates

Apple store offers automatic app updates. But if you don't need to update your apps too frequently, or you can selectively update apps manually, you'd better go to Settings > iTunes and App Store. Then scroll down to the automatic downloads section and turn off the "Update" switch. In this way, you can avoid some unnecessary app update, which may cause iOS 8 battery drain.

ios 8 battery drain issues

Way 5. Turn Down the Screen Brightness

Some people may keep the screen brightness of their device at 100% the entire day, which does no good for battery. You can lower the screen brightness according to your preference, or turn on Auto-Brightness to let your device adjust its screen brightness automatically based on the current lighting conditions.

Way 6. Stop Using Dynamic Wallpapers

Dynamic wallpapers can make your iDevices more beautiful. Unfortunately, it consumes more battery. How to fix iOS 8 battery for your iPhone iPad, iPod? Start from turning off dynamic wallpapers. Go to reset the wallpaper settings and choose a static picture as you like.

how to fix ios 8 battery drain

Way 7. Charge Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Correctly

iOS 8 battery drain issues also occur when your device is not charging properly, or you charge it in the correct way but something blocks the charging. In that case, you should first of all make sure what to do with this iPhone-not-charging issue. We have got such instructions to help you when iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4s etc. is not charging properly.

Way 8. Turn off Your iDevices When You Sleep at Night

Lastly is the easiest but most useful way to extend iOS 8/9.3 battery life. That is, shut off your iPhone, iPad and iPod when you don't use them at night. This way, on one hand, can completely stop power consumption, and on the other hand, enables your device to start self-maintainance when you switch it off.  For instance, when you go to sleep at electric quantity of 43%, you will still wake up at 43% or 42%. And if you get stuck in reboot problems, such as black screen, blue screen of death, an endless loop of rebooting, etc. the next morning you start your iphone, you are able to use Tenorshare ReiBoot to free fix iPhone/iPad/iPod problem in one click without data loss.

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