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Stop iPhone Deleting Emails, Calendar Events, Messages, Apps, Contacts and Other Data

Aug. 12, 2014 12:31 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to iTunes Alternatives
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"My iPhone 5 deletes my emails sometimes. How can I fix this?"

"How do I stop my iPhone from deleting mails?"

"My iPhone has deleted all my contacts and messages? How to stop it from deleting data?"

It's frustrating when important iPhone data are deleted without awareness. Many users have complained that iPhone files such as emails, SMS, contacts, apps, old calendar events disappeared accidently with unknown reasons. In this article, you will learn why you lost data, how to stop iPhone deleting data (the most reliable way), and how to recover lost iPhone files if it has happened.

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Part 1. Why iPhone Deleted Your Emails, Calendars, SMS, Contacts, Apps and other Files

There are many situations that iPhone will delete your contents. Here we list the ones that affect you most.

  • Sync with iTunes or iCloud. You lost iPhone data after sync, and this is a very common issue to iOS users.
  • Not enough available storage. Installing other apps or downloading media to your iPhone reduces the storage limit considerably, and consequently, your iPhone might delete older messages or other data when your inbox starts to get full or storage space is low.
  • Factory settings restore. When you restore from iTunes backup or iCloud backup, the current data will be erased.
  • iOS 10/9.3/9/8 or iOS 7.1.2 update. In fact, updating to iOS (any version) could wipe off your iPhone data.
  • Accidently deletion. You might delete your photos, messages, contacts, notes by accidently, or your child wrongly deleted your files but you didn't notice.
  • Jailbreak. iOS jailbreak, including iOS 7.1.x jailbreak (iOS 7.1.2/7.1.1 jailbreak) could delete all your iPhone contents.
  • Other unknown reasons.

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stop iphone deleting calendar events

Part 2. How to Stop iPhone Deleting Data?

You don't know when your important data will disappear, so the best way to stop iPhone from deleting emails, calendar events, messages (including iMessages, text messages, WhatsApp messages, Tango chats), contacts, apps, photos, or other data, is to backup all to a computer, so that you can access the files whenever you need, even though you have lost them on your iPhone. You can try iPhone 5 Transfer. It is the most professional iOS data backup software. It can backup your iPhone to PC to prevent iPhone deleting data. Here is how:

  • Download and install iAny Transfer on your PC.
  • Connect your iPhone to the PC and run iAny Transfer.
  • On the interface, select the files you want and click on "Computer" to copy all data to your computer.
Note: You can also try to backup iPhone to iTunes or an external hard drive. See details in How to Backup iPhone.

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stop iphone deleting emails

Part 3. How to Recover Deleted, Lost iPhone Data?

What if you forget to backup iPhone to stop deleting data? If you lost iPhone files, stay calm. You can easily get back all missing files without iPhone backup files. Since we have dedicated the article How to Restore iPhone Data, you can have a look at the simple steps.

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