Full Solutions to iOS 11.2 Beta 1 Stuck on Apple Logo/Recovery Mode/Reboot Loop

Apple released new iOS 11.2 beta for developers and users. Most of you are already running iOS 11 public beta or beta 2/1 on your devices and have been experienced different problems. iOS 11 beta 3 have fixed a lot of these issues, meanwhile, some users are running into stuck issues during or after installing this new iOS beta version. In this article we will summarize the feasible ways to fix iOS 11.2 beta update or downgrade issues including stuck on recovery mode, apple logo, iTunes logo, DFU mode, reboot loop, crash, and so forth.

ios 11 beta 3 stuck

Way 1: Force Restart an iPhone/iPad to Fix iOS 11 Beta Stuck

This should be the first one that comes to mind. It is one size fits all approach for any iPhone issues. For instance, when an iPhone get bricked or frozen during/after iOS 11 beta 3 installation, you can simply reboot it by performing a force restart.

Just press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button and Home button (Volume Down button on iPhone 7/7 Plus) at the same time. Keep holding the buttons for 10 seconds and release the buttons when the Apple logo appears.

force restart an iphone/ipad

Giving your iPhone/iPad a force restart can fix some common issues. Sometimes you’ll find this simple trick only works temporarily. To find a final solution, you may need a deeper repair to fix recovery mode stuck or DFU/Apple logo/endless reboot issues.

Way 2. One Click to Fix iOS 11.2 Beta Recovery Mode Loop

Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot) offers a free but the easiest way to fix recovery mode stuck on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. By one click only, you can get your iDevice out of recovery mode loop without hassle.

Open Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot) on PC/Mac and connect your stuck iPhone/iPad to computer via USB cable. Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot) will automatically detect that a device is in recovery mode. Click “Exit Recovery Mode” and wait for 10 seconds or less, your device will boot successfully.

fix ios 11.3 beta stuck on recovery mode

Way 3. Recover System to Fix Other iOS 11 Beta Stuck Issues

Most of the iOS stuck issues are resulted by system damage or corruption. Hence, we suggest you repair the iOS system to fix iOS 11 beta 3 install or downgrade stuck issues including Apple logo, DFU mode, black screen, bricked screen, reboot loop, etc. Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot)’s “Fix All iOS Stuck” feature aims to achieve this without causing data loss.

Open Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot) and choose “Fix All iOS Stuck”, and then “Fix Now (All iOS 11 Stuck)”.

fix all ios 11 stuck

As your device now gets stuck, you’ll need to put it into recovery mode or DFU mode by hand in order to get it detected.

enter iphone into recovery mode

Once Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot) detects your device, it will display the latest iOS firmware file signed by Apple. Download the firmware online; or you can import the firmware package that you’ve downloaded elsewhere into Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot).

fix ios 11 beta 3 issues

Now all you need is to wait for Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot) to complete the firmware download and start system recovery. The process takes 8-10 minutes. After the system is repaired, your iPhone is back to normal.

system recovery

After the system is repaired, iOS 11 beta profile will be deleted from your iPhone/iPad, it will automatically go back to iOS 10.

This is the recommended three ways for resolving iOS 11.2 beta stuck/crash/errors. I do not tend to use iTunes because restoring in iTunes will wipe all data and it is slow and complicated.

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