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How to Use Photo Recovery for Windows

Photo Recovery is a top-notch data recovery program for Windows OS. It helps you find lost digital photos (.jpg, .png, .bmp, etc.) as well as music (.mp3, .ape, .ogg, etc.), video (.mov, .mpg, .flv, etc.) and other files (.doc, .pdf, .exe, .bmp, etc.). Here is a step-by-step user guide of how to use Photo Recovery for Windows to recover deleted or lost photos.

Step 1: Download and Install Photo Recovery on Your Computer

To get started, download Photo Recovery. After downloading you will see an .exe file. Double click this file and a Windows will pop up to ask you whether you want to run this application on your computer. As the program is virus-free, just click Next > I Agree > Install to finish installation. When Photo Recovery is installed, an icon will appear on your desktop. Double click this icon to run it. Or you can right click your mouse and select "Open" from the menu.

Note: To recover lost photos or other files from portable device, you need to make sure that the device is well connected to your computer before launching Photo Recovery.

Step 2: Select the Partition or Drive where You Lost Files Used to Stay

After you launch the program, all the partitions detected by this photo recovery software, including portable device, are listed on the interface. Select the one where your lost files used to locate, and specify the file types you need to recover. Click "Scan" to start scanning this partition.
recover photos from sd card

Step 3: Select the Files You Need to Recover

The scan results are displayed by file type and file format. You are able to preview photos and audios to make sure if they are the ones you need to recover before recovery. After this you should check these files and click "Recover" to proceed. You can recover all files of the same type at one time .
recover photos from hard drive

Step 4: Save the Recovered Files

Select or enter a directory to store the recovered files. We highly recommended that you select a directory that is different from the source one to save the recovered files, so that the source data will not be overwritten.
 recover deleted photos

When all these are done, you can close Photo Recovery by hitting the X icon on top right of the program interface. Then go to the folder where you choose to save the recovered files. Make sure the recovered files will not be saved on the same partition the files originally located.

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