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As the best data transfer software ever in the world, iAny Transfer is multifunctional and much more professional. It helps you to transfer iPhone/iPad/iPod data to & from computer/iTunes, transfer data between iOS devices, and even share data between iOS and Android. Moreover, it can backup data and keep all backup files each time you make, restore data either from the software backup or from iTunes backup. It also aids you to better manage your files, including music, iTunes U, video, podcast, TV shows, photos, contacts, messages, bookmarks, etc. You will find more than expected.

Here are the guides to show you how to use iAny Transfer to transfer data between your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, between iOS devices and PC, between iOS devices and iTunes, and between iOS and Android.

First download and install iAny Transfer on your computer. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer via a USB cable (you are allowed to connect several iOS devices as you like to your computer and this software will detect and identify all of them). Then run this software and follow the parts below.

Part 1: Transfer iPhone/iPad/iPod Data to Computer

Step 1. After iAny Transfer initializes your iOS device, you will get the window as below. On the left, all catalogues of files are listed. To transfer data from your iOS device to computer, select the files you want and then click on the "Computer" button on the right list.
transfer iphone to computer

Step 2. In the pop-up window, select a save path on your computer to save the transferred data. You can rename the file and freely select the saved type. After you transfer iOS data to computer, you can start to transfer all the files to your Android device.

Note: All text content can be saved in the formats of .txt, .xls, .xml; contacts can also be saved as vCard/VCF files. All media are in their original formats in lossless quality.

transfer iphone data to pc

Part 2: Transfer iPhone/iPad/iPod Data to iTunes

Step 1. To transfer data from iOS device to iTunes library, select the files you want and click on the "iTunes" button on the right.
transfer data from ios device to itunes

Step 2. Then this data transfer software will start the transfer process. It will takes a little time according to how much data you want to transfer.

Part 3: Transfer Data between iOS Devices

Step 1. To transfer data between your iPhones, iPads, or iPods, you need to connect the devices to computer first. After iAny Transfer initializes all your devices, select the contents you want to transfer and click the "iDevices" button on the right side.
transfer data between ios devices

Step 2. In the pop-up window, select the source device which you want to transfer data from, and the target device which you want to transfer data to. Click the iTunes logo button in the lower right corner and it will start the transfer process.
transfer data from iphone to iphone

transfer data from old iphone to new

Part 3: Backup iOS Device Data

Step 1. To backup your iPhone/iPad/iPod data, select the files you want to backup and click on the "Backup" button under the Tools list.
 backup ios device data

Step 2. In the pop-up window, select an appropriate folder to save the backed up files. After the backup process finishes, you are allowed to open the folder or click "Ok" to complete the backup.
 backup ios device

Part 4: Restore Data from Backup

Step 1. You can selectively restore data from the backup that you used iAny Transfer to make, or from iTunes backup. On the right list, click the "Restore" button.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, select the exact backup file and click "Confirm". Click "OK" in the next pop-up window to start the restore process.
restore iphone data from backup

Step 3. After the restore finishes, click "Ok".
restore from backup

Part 5: Manage Files on iPhone/iPad/iPod - including Transfer Data from Computer to iOS Device

iAny Transfer can help you best manage your iOS device files. You can import videos, music, playlist, contacts, bookmarks, apps and more from your computer to iOS devices; delete any of the files on iOS devices you don't want to free up space, get direct access to your device's file system and do more.

How to Import/Delete Media from PC to iPhone/iPad/iPod?

To import music, videos, photos to iPhone/iPad/iPod, select corresponding file type and click "Add" to add files on your computer. Then all the added files are synced to your device instantly. For incompatible video and audio files, this software will convert the files to iOS compatible formats during transferring.

To delete videos, music, just select the file you'd like to delete and click "Delete".

How to Add/Delete/Edit Contacts, Bookmarks, iBooks to iPhone/iPad/iPod via Computer?

To add contacts: Click "Contacts" on the left, and click "Add" to add contact information including name, group, phone number, email number, etc. Click "Yes" to confirm. The contacts are synced to your device.
add new contacts to iphone

To delete contacts: Click "Contacts" on the left, and select the contact you'd like to delete and click "Delete".
delete contacts

To edit contacts: Click "Contacts" on the left, and select one contact and click the pen icon to edit it.

  • To add bookmarks, click "Bookmarks" on the left, and click "Add" to add bookmarks: name and URL.
    add new bookmarks to iphone
  • To add iBooks, click "iBooks" on the left, and click "Add" to import PDF file or EPUB file. add ibooks

    To delete iBooks, click "iBook" on the left, and select the PDF file or EPUB file you'd like to delete and click "Delete".

    How to Manage Playlists?

    To add a playlist, click "Playlist" on the left and click "Add Playlist" to add a new playlist.
    To edit playlist, click "Add" to add songs to this playlist.

    add playlist

    How to Install and Uninstall Apps via Computer?

    To install apps, click "Add" to load .ipa or .pxl file saved on your computer.

    add playlist

    To uninstall apps, select one app and click the trash bin icon.
    uninstall iphone apps

    How to View iPhone/iPad/iPod Messages via Computer?

    To view text messages on your iPhone/iPad/iPod via computer, select "Messages", all the messages are shown. Click one contact and all the messages corresponding with him are listed. Scroll down and up and read them.

    view iPhone messages via computer

    How to Access File System for iPhone/iPad/iPod?

    To access file system for your iOS devices, select "System" on the left and all the content on your device will be presented intuitively to you in an organized dashboard. You are allowed to view, open, browse, add, delete and export documents and files from your iOS device.

    ios file manager

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