How to Use iPhone Backup Unlocker

iPhone Backup Unlocker is an efficient tool to recover or remove password from encrypted iTunes backup files. It provides 3 attack methods to unlock the iTunes backup with high accuracy. Now it is available for both Windows and macOS.

Download this software and install it on your computer. Then follow the guide below to decrypt your iTunes backup files easily.

Step 1: Import iTunes Backup

Run iPhone Backup Unlocker on your computer after installation. Then click "Add" to import the target iTunes backup from local computer.

run software

Step 2. Choose Password Attack Type

iPhone Backup Unlocker offers 3 password attack methods for you: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. You can choose the suitable method and then start password recovering.

Brute - force Attack: When you have no clue what the password may be, you can choose this option to try every possible combination of password. However, this method will take longer time to find the password.

brute force attack

Brute - force with Mask Attack: If you still remember something about the password, such as password length, character range or affix, this option will be the best one. It allows you to use these parameters to crack the password much faster.

brute force with mask

Dictionary Attack: If the iTunes backup password is one of your frequently used password and you are not sure which it is, choose Dictionary Attack. You can set a text file with all possible passwords and import this text file to the program. Along with this text file, there will be a default dictionary, both of which are for the reference of the program.

dictionary attack

Step 3: Recover or Remove Password

When you have selected an attack type and set the settings, just click "Start" to begin the password recovering process. This whole process may take a while according to the complexity of your password.

removing password