How to Use Any iOS Data Manager (iCareFone)

Manage Files

Step 1: Connect Device and Select "Manage" from menu to start.

select file manager

Step 2: Manage Files

You can choose to import and export photos/music/ringtones/videos/contacts/books/bookmarks, uninstall apps, de-duplicate contacts, add playlist/contacts as you need.

Import Files

To import files from computer to iOS devices, click "Import" button and select the files you'd like to add. Wait for seconds until the transferring finishes.

import photos

Export Files

To get files off iPhone/iPad or iPod, just hit the "Export" button and select a location to save these files. You can also define export setting for HEIC/Live photos and HEVC videos.

to computer

Add Files

You can add contacts, books and bookmarks by iCareFone and all the changes made will be synced to your devices.

add contacts

Delete Files

iCareFone enables you quickly delete unwanted files and instantly free up space. Just select the files you don't need any more and click "Delete" button.

delete files

Merge Contacts

If there are duplicated contacts on your device, you can click "Merge" button to delete them.


Backup and Restore

1. Tap "Backup & Restore" to Select Files to Backup.

backup now

2. Scan and Preview Backup, then Restore

Select a backup to start scanning. If it's encrypted with password, you will need to enter the password first to extract the files.

scan and preview

Preview and select the files you want to restore, and choose whether to export to computer or your device. Kindly note that iCareFone only supports to restore photos, videos, music, contacts and bookmarks directly to your device. For other files, you can export to your computer.

restore backup

One-click Exporting Photos to PC/Mac

Connect Device and Start Exporting

All the photos and videos on your device will be transferred to your computer, and saved in the same folder you keep them.

transfe photos

Transfer Device Media to iTunes

Connect Device to Transfer Media Files to iTunes

transfe device media files

Transfer iTunes Media to Device

Connect Device to Transfer iTunes Media Files to Device

transfeitunes media files

Repair Operating System

1. Connect Device to Download Firmware

Click "Download" to download a firmware package online. Check your model information and click "Download" button.

download firmware

If you have already got a firmware package, you can click Import button to manually add the IPSW file.

import firmware package

2. Start Repair

When the firmware is ready, please click "Repair Now" to start troubleshooting. Your device will automatically restart with Apple logo and loading bar during the process. Please don't disconnect your device till the repairing process finishes.

repair operating system2

3. Advanced Mode (Optional)

If your iOS device still has problems after repairing, you can try Advanced Mode. This will erase all the data but will also increase the success rate of repair. Select "Advanced Mode" on the lower left corner from "iOS System Repair" interface and click Start Repair.

select repair mode

Similarly, you will need to download the firmware package online. Next, click "Repair Now" to operate advanced repairing.