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Fix Genius featuring on Windows Rescue, Password and key recovery, Data Recovery and Hard Drive Tools is aimed at fixing computer booting problems, repairing corrupted Windows system, booting up crashed computer from a bootable CD/DVD/USB, cloning and restoring hard drive as well as retrieving lost data from corrupted Windows computer.

Read the detailed instruction below, you'll learn an easy way to recover Windows password and find product keys.

Recover Windows Password & Find Product Keys

If you are preparing to reinstall Windows, you are suggested finding out some of Microsoft product keys for further use. Click "Password & Key Recovery" Tab.

Windows Password Reset: Select "Windows Password Reset", and then follow the wizard to reset lost Windows administrator or other user password.
Recover lost Windows Password

Product Key Recovery: Select "Product Key Recovery", and then follow the wizard to find out product keys for Windows, Office, and SQL Server.
Product Key Recovery

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