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Tenorshare ReiBoot, allows you putting your iDevice in and out of Recovery Mode (Device displaying the classic USB to iTunes logo on the screen), whenever iPhone/iPad/iPod touch got stuck after iOS update/ under jailbreak. It helps users (including starters and advanced users) to exit or enter Recovery mode with one click, even if the Home or Sleep/Wake button is out of work.

It is totally free, and it is time downloading Tenorshare ReiBoot to your PC now without hesitation, to experience the powerful utility in Recovery mode stuck fix.

Part 1: Exit iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery Mode

iPhone gets stuck in Recovery Mode after an update to a new firmware or when you are trying to restore a backup? Tenorshare ReiBoot allows you to fix iPhone/iPad/iPod touch stuck in Recovery Mode with only 1-click. It also applies to fixing iOS 12 beta/11/10.3/9.3.2/9/8.3 stuck in recovery mode.

Step1: Connect Your iOS Device to PC and Run Tenorshare ReiBoot

Connect your iOS Device which is already stuck in recovery mode (just like the picture below) to your computer via a USB cable.

stuck in recovery mode screen

Run Tenorshare ReiBoot, it would automatically detect your stuck device and the main interface is shown as below.

get out of recovery mode

Step2: Start to Exit Recovery Mode

Click the "Exit Recovery Mode" and the device will boot up. After the rebooting process (about 10 seconds), your iOS Device is already out of recovery mode.

exit recovery mode

Part 2: Enter iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery Mode

Need to restore/reset your iPhone but iTunes does not recognize your devices? Want to jailbreak your iPhone and need to put iPhone into Recovery Mode? How about your iPhone gets stuck in a continuous restart loop when installing an iOS update, or your device is no longer recognized in iTunes after an update? What if a restore did not complete? Then you need to put iOS Device into Recovery Mode to fix it in one click with Tenorshare ReiBoot.

Step1: Connect Your iOS Device to PC and Run Tenorshare ReiBoot

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with your computer via a USB cable and double-click Tenorshare ReiBoot. A window will pop up to inform you to tap "Trust" on your device to trust the computer.

enter recovery mode

Tap "Trust" on your device screen, Tenorshare ReiBoot will detect your device automatically and display your device information on the corner.

enter recovery mode screen

Step 2: Start to Enter Recovery Mode

Click the button "Enter Recovery Mode" to put your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into Recovery Mode. After a 10-sec wait, you will see your device display the classic USB to iTunes logo. Congratulations! You have entered Recovery Mode successfully. If you want to get out of recovery mode, click the "Exit Recovery Mode" button as part 1 shows you.

get into recovery mode

Part3: Fix All iOS Stuck with Pro Version

Apart from the help of get in recovery mode/ get out of stuck in recovery mode, we also offer solutions to up to 50+ types of iOS stuck fix, including blue screen of death/ stuck on white apple logo/ stuck on black screen/ stuck during iOS update/stuck in DFU mode/iTunes bugs, etc. You can have all fixes solutions we offer by upgrading to Reiboot Pro. Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro provides your iDevice with all-round protection, also it keeps on the marvelous experience the same as you have in Tenorshare ReiBoot. Try it now and surely it won’t let you down.

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