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How to Use Any Data Recovery Pro

Any Data Recovery Pro is a powerfull Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP data recovery program that helps you recover photos, videos, audios, documents and other data from hard disk and other storage devices. Here is the tutorial about how to recover your deleted files step by step.

Download this software and install it on Windows computer. Then double-click the icon to launch it. Then follow the tutorial below to learn how to recover lost files.

Note: Please do not install Any Data Recovery Pro to the partition where the lost data once were located. If you would like to recover data from removable media, please connect the removable device to PC and check whether it can be detected by your computer. If it can't be detected by your computer, data on it is not recoverable.

Step 1: Select file types for recovery

When you launch Any Data Recovery Pro on your computer, you will be asked to select the types of files you are to restore and click on Next to proceed.

By default, all the files are selected. It's highly recommended that you check only the types of files you want to recover, which would greatly shorten the time required for scanning. For instance, if you want to restore lost pictures, just check the Graphics category and leave alone other categories.

recover deleted files from hard drive

Step 2: Select a location or hard disk drive to scan lost files

Next you need to choose a location. The location can be the Desktop, My Document, Recycle Bin, or one of your hard disk drives.

recover deleted files from hard drive

Next you need to press Scan to scan lost files.

be ready to scan files

Step 3: Preview files by Path, File or Time and recover lost files

By default, the Any Data Recovery chooses Quick Scan. The scanning processing bar will reach 100% in about 1 minute. You can then preview the recoverable files by path, file type or the time when this file was created.

Note: If you still can't find the files you want to recover, you can enable deep scan by clicking Deep Scan. This scanning will scan out more files and consequently requires more time.

recover lost files from usb drive

Pause & Continue: During the recovery process, you can check files at the same time. If the files you need have been scanned, you can click "Pause" to recover them first. Then click "Continue" or "Stop" for the next operation.

recover data from external hard drive

Filter: You can filter your lost files in the scanning result by searching the file name.

recover data from cf card

When you've recognize the photos, videos, Word, Excel document, etc., you should check the files and press Recover. Then choose a location to save the recovered files properly. Do not save the data to the place where your lost data used to locate in case that the recovered data get overwritten.

recover deleted data

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