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How to Use Data Backup

Data Backup is a professional yet easy tool that provides a handful of useful and user-friendly options to enable you perform all data backup tasks at ease. With this eminent tool, you can conveniently perform backup of your precious partitions and entire hard drive disk, and even restore these backups for disaster recovery.

This guide is broken into four parts and will walk you through every part of the backup and restore processes.

Part 1: How to Clone a Disk

If you are upgrading your hard drive or changing to a higher read buffer, then you will need to clone your hard drive to retain all the same files and folders.

Part 2: How to Clone a Partition

To either make a backup or distribute an identical environment to multiple computers, you can clone a hard drive partition. Here is a simple solution by using Data Backup.

Part 3: How to Create and Restore an Image of the Entire Disk

To avoid something happened to your computer that makes it lose its entire memory, you should have a plan to back up the entire disk.

You can use this system image to restore the contents of your computer if your hard disk or entire computer ever stops working.

Part 4: How to Create and Restore an Image of a Partition

In order to protect data loss from program errors, system crash, or some accidents, you should back up your partition which contains your vital information.

If disaster happened and you lost data on your partition, you can use this image file you created before to restore the data on this partition.

If you lose data due to partition corruption, partition deletion, or other causes, you can restore data on partition using the image file you created before.

With Data Backup, you can perform all data backup tasks including cloning disk and partition, backing up partitions and entire hard drive disk, and restoring these backups at ease

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