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iTunes music library is peppered with missing songs, artist information, and album artwork? There are many "unknown artist" and "Track 01"? You have many copies of songs in iTunes library or local music library? No worries! You got Music Cleanup! As an excellent Windows based and one touch iTunes music library cleaner, Music Cleanup helps you smartly clean up iTunes library by fixing missing and mislabeled music info, like artist, album art, song name, genre, year, etc., and remove song duplicates. This iTunes cleaner can also help clean up local music folders like MP4 music library or others.

After the music fix with Music Cleanup, you can apply the information to every piece of song you want. Now download and install Music Cleanup on your PC and let's get started.

Step 1. Import Your Music Library and Scan to Identity Undefined Songs and Find Duplicates

Music Cleanup has 2 music cleanup modes:

For iTunes library:

After you open Music Cleanup, you will find "iTunes Music Clean" is the default mode. Click "Start Scan" to scan the whole iTunes library to identify all the undefined songs and find duplicates.

itunes library cleanup

clean up itunes library

For Local music library:

If you want to clean up your local music library (the music outside of iTunes), switch the button to the "Local Music Clean" on the top right corner of the interface. Then directly drag the music files or folders to the program, or click "Open File" to import them.

clean up local music library

Step 2. Complete Music Information

After the scanning is over, Music Cleanup will list the scan result, showing you how many undefined songs and how many song duplicates. Select "Undefined Songs" on the left and you can view all the undefined music in the thumbnail form or in the tabular form. Choose one song and its information will show in the right column. You can complete the music information in 2 ways: let Music Cleanup help you automatically, or you do it manually for full customization.

Automatic Complete Song's Info

Click "Identify" in the status bar to allow Music Cleanup to intelligently find all the artist info, album artwork, song name, genre, year, etc. After checking the information, click "Apply". Then all the info will be added to the music files (you are allow to "Identify" information over and over again). You can also select several songs to apply at the same time. If you double-click one of the songs, you can listen to it.

album cover finder

Manual edit:

Click the Pencil icon shown in the following picture and you can start to edit the music information in any way you want.

itunes cleanup

Step 3. Remove Duplicated Songs

Select "Duplicates" on the left of the interface. You will see all duplicated songs and the number of the copies in the file tray. Choose one song and all files of the same music will show up in the right column. Usually the music file with higher quality will be put a tick and the lower quality a cross. Click "Clear Duplicate" to remove the songs to trash. If you have multiple duplicates for this song, click "Clear all Duplicate" to delete all of them concurrently.

delete duplicates in itunes

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