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Can't Restore from iTunes Backup After iOS 10/9 Upgrade, What to Do?

June. 14, 2016 12:21 pm / Posted by Jerry Cook to Fix iTunes
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The new system iOS 10/9 has been released to the public. However, complaints keep rising on questions like they cannot restore from their backup in iTunes after upgrading to iOS 10.3/10.2/10 or iOS 9.3.5. The bad spot becomes even worse all the information data is locked up inside the backup.

Apple currently does not have a matching system to deal with all those risks. Due to that, we would like to share some ways to fix the problem that can't restore from the iTunes backup after you upgraded to iOS 10.3/9.3/9.

The first advice is: you can never back up too often! Always remember to back up in diversified ways, either through iTunes, iCloud or other backup helpers. That would help save much of your time and calm the headache when you get data lost.

Things You Should Pay Attention to When iTunes Doesn't Work
Two Ways to Fix iTunes Cannot Restore from Backup of iPhone/iPad after iOS 10/9 Upgrade
Extra info: Restore iPhone/iPad from Backup with iTunes Alternative

Things You Should Pay Attention to When iTunes Doesn't Work

First of all, check the USB cable when it shows that you iTunes cannot restore from the backup. Sometimes your iPhone (or iPad) connects with the computer, and iTunes can recognize it, but there are chances the cable is problematic, for example, intermittent connectivity. So pay attention to it.

Second, remember you should upgrade you iTunes to the latest version. Open you iTunes, click "About" and then "Check" to make sure it is currently the latest version. This is quite important since sometimes Apple may presume that all the restore process should be undergone in a late version.

Third, check your space it if it enough. Sometimes the questions cannot be neglected since if you do not have enough space in your disk, the iTunes cannot restore from the backup. And the usual case is that it does not show it in a clear way sometimes.

Two Ways to Fix iTunes Cannot Restore from Backup of iPhone/iPad after iOS 10/9 Upgrade

Method 1: Fix your iTunes by moving the iTunes backup folder

Here we take Macbook as the case.

First Quit iTunes. Open the Library folder in your home folder. (If you don't see one, hold down Option and click Go). From here navigate to: "Application Support/MobileSync/Backup" and copy the backup folder(s) to your desktop. Then you open iTunes, click "iTunes" and choose "preference", click the Device tab, select all, and delete backup. Then copy the backup folders from the desktop and move them back to the Backup/folder. Then you can try to restore you iTunes now.

Method 2: Repair iTunes Problems Using Free TunesCare

TunesCare is a free iTunes repair tool that helps repair corrupted iTunes library by one click.

Download and install TunesCare, and connect your iPhone to computer. Choose "Fix iTunes Sync Problems“, it will start repairing iTunes not recognize iPhone, iTunes not sync with iPhone, iTunes backup problem, etc.


If this does not fix the backup issue, I suggest you try the advanced mode ”Fix All iTunes Issues", which can thorougly fix iTunes backup erros, iTunes restore erros, and more.


Extra info: Restore iPhone/iPad from Backup with iTunes Alternative

If you still can't restore from your iTunes backup, you might need to figure out a new way to restore your iPhone/iPad from backup without using iTunes. Tenorshare iCareFone (iPhone Care Pro) is the best iTunes alternative to restore from iTunes backup file with 1 click.

Download Tenorshare iCareFone(iPhone Care Pro) Software:

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That's all for today's sharing. Hope that our tips can help you solve your problem.

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