3 Ways to Stop iCloud Pop-up on An iPhone or iPad

Sometimes, what happens to your iOS device is that it keeps popping-up the iCloud sign-in panel although you have already signed-in to your account on the device. This thing then becomes a really annoying issue as it keeps coming every now and then to prompt you to enter your iCloud password which you have done many times already.

If you are annoyed by that prompt, there are a few ways to get rid of it and to stay signed in to your iCloud account. The following guide should show you three of those ways to stop iCloud pop-up on your iOS enable device.

Top 1. Enter the Password Again on the Device

sign in

One of the things you can do is re-enter the password so that the device can confirm it and that it no longer needs to show you the pop-up asking for the details.

By re-entering the details, you are telling the device to sign-in to your iCloud account again and that should resolve the issue for you.

To do that:

  • 1. Tap on Settings on the Homescreen of your iOS device to be taken to the settings panel.
  • 2. On the following screen, scroll down and tap on iCloud to be taken to the iCloud settings panel.
  • 3. Then, enter in your iCloud username and password once again to resolve the issue.

So, that should have resolved the issue for you. If it has not, try the following:

Top 2. Logging Out and then Logging Back In

sign out

The second thing you can do to resolve the issue is log out of your iCloud account on the device and then log back in.

Here’s how to do that:

  • 1. Tap on Settings on the springboard of your iOS device.
  • 2. Tap on the option that says iCloud on the following screen and it will take you to the panel from where you can manage your iCloud settings.
  • 3. Scroll all the way down on the iCloud settings panel and tap on Sign Out to log out of your iCloud account on the device.
  • 4. When you have logged-out of your account, restart your iOS device for the changes to take effect.
  • 5. When the device boots-up, sign in with your iCloud account.

The issue should now have been resolved.

If that still did not work for you, then you should try the following method.

Top 3. Update your Device to the Latest Version of iOS


Sometimes, the issue is in the version of the iOS that you use on your device. Updating the same to the latest version will resolve the issue and here’s how you can go about doing that on your device:

  • 1. Tap on Settings on the Homescreen of your device.
  • 2. Tap on General on the following screen to open the general settings panel.
  • 3. When the general settings panel opens, tap on Software Update to see the available software updates.
  • 4. If an update is available, tap on Download and Install and the update will be downloaded and installed on your device.

If your iPhone or iPad stuck in “Sign in to iCloud” popup loop, you can refer to Free Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot), a professional tool to fix all iOS stuck issues to resolve your problem.


We hope the solutions outlined above will help you stop iCloud from asking you to repeatedly sign in on iPhone and iPad. One more thing you can do to resolve the issue is restore your device with an iTunes backup. In case you have forgotten the password of your iTunes backup, you can use iPhone Backup Unlocker to unlock your forgotten iTunes backup password.

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