5 Ways to Fix An iPhone that Keeps Asking for Apple ID Password

Whenever youupdate or install apps on iPhone, you would receive pop-up, asking for Apple ID password. This is normal and happens to everyone. However, there’s something that you should worry about if after you entered yourApple ID again and again, still iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID password (iOS 12).

iphone keeps asking for apple id password

Why Does iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple ID Password

The iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID password error is an old bug, it usually happens when iPhone fails to download or update apps or there's an account setting problem within your iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime or App Store.

How to Stop iPhone Keeps Asking Me for Apple ID Password

Generally, there are 5 solutions to try once youriPhone keeps asking for Apple ID password.

1. Restart iPhone

It is the simplest method to solve this problem. It works most of the time for iPhone problems.

  • Hold down the Sleep/Wake button for five seconds until the Slide to Turn Off appears.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds, and press the Sleep/Wake button to turn on your iPhone again.
  • Upon start up iPhone, you will be asked to login with Apple ID.

I hate the tedious process, and I'd rather force iPhone to reboot with the freeware Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot). It enables me to reboot iPhone with 2 clicks and fixes a lot of iPhone stuck issues.

2. Check iCloud Account Settings

Still, iPhone repeatedly asks for Apple ID password? Then there's the iCloud account settingsthat you need to check out: sign out iCloud and log in again with steps below.

  • Sign out your iCloud account by going to Settings>iCloud> Sign Out>Delete from [Device].
  • Turn off Find My iPhone (Settings>iCloud>Find My iPhone, slide the button to off).
  • Restart your iPhone with the steps in solution 1and login (Settings>iCloud> Sign In).

If the problem persists, check iMessage and FaceTime account activation and information, log out and then log in with the correct Apple ID and password.iMessage and FaceTimewould use Apple ID even if they are running in background.

3. Update iOS, App Store, iTunes, Purchased Apps

In case the update session failure causes iPhone asking for Apple ID loop, you need to make sure iOS, App Store, purchased apps and iTunes update are safe and sound and no updating process is hanging in the download session. Go to App Store and check for downloaded items. Keep all apps up to date and download session.

reset apple id itunes

Next, from your iPhone, go to Settings> iTunes>App Store. Sign out and sign in to see if the problem is solved. If not, maybe you’ve have the wrong Apple ID password. The next solution details how to reset Apple ID.

4. Reset Apple ID Password

Go to Apple ID page (https://support.apple.com/apple-id) and click on Forgot password, enter your Apple ID.Then you will have 4 ways to reset your Apple ID password:

  • Answer your security questions
  • Get an email
  • If you use two-factor authentication
  • If you use two-step verification

5. Restore iPhone to Factory Settings (Reset All Settings)

Reset your iPhone resets some or all (depending on what you choose) of the preferences from your iPhone, and therefore resolve bugs or odd behavior on your device.If iPhone asking for Apple ID loop was caused by improper settings, reset all setting is like a triumph card trick.

Note: Backup iPhone well with iTunes or iCloud, as Reset All Settings erases all data and settings on iPhone.
  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.
  • Type in your password and confirm Reset All Settings.

Done! You've reset all settings (network, keyboard dictionary, home screen layout, and location & privacy settings, etc) back to default.In case you have other iPhone system problem, check out the Top 3 iPhone System Repair Software.

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