How to Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode

"My iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode after I updated into iOS 10. A connect to iTunes logo screen appears on my iPhone's screen. When I connect my iPhone to iTunes, iTunes prompts my iPhone is in recovery mode. What to do if restore my broken iPhone? Any suggestion can help to get my iPhone out of recovery mode?"

I believe many iPhone users will encounter the same problem, which is possibly caused by a series of reasons including iOS 10/9/8 update, jailbreak, etc. This is actually not a serious issue and here we will offer detailed guides to fix iPhone/iPad/iPod stuck in red iTunes logo in two easiest ways.

Way 1: Get iDevice out of Recovery Mode with iTunes

If your iPhone 7 stays on iTunes logo screen after update or jailbreaking, the simplest way is to get help from iTunes. Please follow the guides below to solve iPhone recovery mode easily and quickly.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone 7/7 plus to the computer via a USB and run iTunes.

Step 2. Once iTunes detects your device, a pop-up window will tell your iPhone is in Recovery Mode and you need to restore it. All you need is to click "Restore".

Note:The "Restore" means to factor reset your iPhone. Please do a backup in case data loss.

Way 2: Get iPhone 7/7 plus Out of Recovery Mode without iTunes

Since iTunes restoring will erase all of the important, it is believed that it is an extremely dangerous solution. If you want to fix stuck iPhone without restoring, here will be a feasible recommendation for you - Tenorshare iCareFone is all-in-one tool to fix iPhone cut off and stuck on iTunes logo problem and tuneup iPhone/iPad/iPod thanks to its safety, powerful features and intuitive instructions. Unlike iTunes or iCoud restore, this amazing tool will fix your iPhone/iPad to normal within only one click and won't cause any data loss on your device.

Guides to Exit iPhone Recovery Mode

iPhone gets stuck in Recovery mode or DFU mode after update or when you are trying to restore from a backup? Tenorshare iCareFone allows you to exit (red) iPhone 7/7 Plus recovery mode in a few minutes.

Step 1: Download and install Tenorshare iCareFone in your Windows 10/8.1/8/7 computer or on Mac. Connect your iOS Device to PC and Launch Tenorshare iCareFone to detect your iPhone.

Step 2: Select "Fix iOS Stuck" on the menu and you will find the "Enter Recovery Mode" button is gray while the "Exit Recovery Mode" button is green.

Step3: Click on the "Exit Recovery Mode" button and wait a few seconds for the device to boot up from the stuck.

With the rebooting process done, you will surprisingly find Tenorshare iCareFone has helped you fix iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes screen problem. In addition, if your iPhone 7/7 plus runs slowly, Tenorshare iCareFone can efficiently and effectively optimize the iPhone and keep it at the peak. If you think it is great, please share with others who may need help.

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