How to Recover Deleted Photos

Photos are the precious memories that we make for ourselves to gather all the precious moments of our lives. That's why we keep them safe in our computer and other storage devices. But, when the storage media gets faulty we become so anxious to try to recover them. Many people search over the internet how I can recover my photos? But not all of them find a suitable answer. Losing the photos with your loved ones feels like a great loss and thus, we try every possible method to get them back.

So, if you are also one of those people who want to know how to recover deleted pictures/photos, then your search has come to an end. We will provide you with all the details you need to know to restore deleted pictures from any of your storage devices.

Part 1. Different Photo Recovery Requirements

There is not only a single way to store your media files. There are various devices that are efficient and portable to allow sharing of the pictures and other media files too. But none of them can prevent the data from getting lost or deleted. Whether it your internal hard drive, or your phone's memory card, all the devices are susceptible to damage that ultimately leads to some problems in data accessibility. The various devices in which you can suffer from deleted photos issues are mentioned below:

  • You are unable to find the picture that you once saved on your PC. The data might be present on the system but you can't locate them because you forgot their date and name, and other details too.
  • The photos might be deleted from the hard drive by some other person who accessed your system. The Shift+ Delete button permanently deletes the photos from the system.
  • The regular insertion and exertion of the memory card in mobile phones can also damage it further resulting in the deletion of photos.
  • It can also be a flash drive or USB drive from which you lose the data because of the wrong method of use.

Obviously, there are other methods of storing data files, but these are the most common devices that are used by people. Floppy drive, DVDs, XD picture card, Smart Media Card, memory stick, digital camera and other devices too have requirements of the data recovery software.

Part 2. Various Photo Delete Operations

People often get suspicious that they could remotely do something like deleting their own photos. Even if they have done it themselves by mistake, but they have a hard time accepting the fact that mistakes can happen. But still, they hard hell-bent to restore photos deleted from their devices. But before you learn that, you must also know what ignorant situation might lead to this issue. Even the smallest mishandling of a device can cause you to lose data.

Some of the operations that often results in loss of photos and other media files are listed below:

  • Wrong Deletion: The Wrong deletion means that you are performing deletion and delete some important file accidentally. But the deleted files simply move to the Recycle Bin, so there are chances that you will recover them.
  • Empty Recycle Bin: This is very critical. If you empty the recycle bin without even looking if you had some file that might be important for you then it will create a problem.
  • Hard Drive Corruption: This situation is the most frustrating one. When you see your photos lying in front of you but you can't open them because they are corrupted.
  • Hard Drive Formatting: Sometimes, the users format the hard drive by mistake in the attempt of removing some harmful software or file from the system. This results in loss of all files and data stored on the Hard Drive.
  • System Crash: It usually happens when some hacker attacks your system or installs a Trojan or virus in it. Thus, the system will crash by itself and the data will become inaccessible.

Part 3. Is it Possible to Restore Deleted Photos?

No matter what kind of situation resulted in the deletion of photos. The thing that matter the most is how you are going to recover them. To help the people, we are providing you with the most obvious and relevant solution. Using the deleted photo recovery software will help you to get your photos back and it is the Any Data Recovery which can help you to do that.

The software is specially designed for both Mac and Windows OS to allow the users to recover various types of data from their different storage devices. The Any Data Recovery software will help you to recover deleted pictures from memory card, hard drive, USB drive, and other devices too.

Part 4. How to Recover Deleted Pictures?

To use the software so that you can restore deleted photos, the steps that must be followed are given below:

Step 1. Download the Any Data Recovery Pro on your computer and install it on your devices. and when it is installed on your computer launch it and the homepage will open up.

Step 2. On the home page, you will see various options; you will have to select the Photo data type to ensure that only the photos are displayed on the screen and click on the Start button.

choose the data type

Step 3. Now you have to specify the location of the files from where they get deleted. Once you specify the location you can tap on the Scan option to allow the software to look for lost files.

specify a location

Step 4. The software will start scanning and within the Scan window, you can opt for a Deep Scan to dig deeper into your storage to look for lost and deleted files.

run scan for lost files

Step 5. The files will be displayed on the screen once the scan is complete. Click on the checkbox in front of the photos to select them and once you have selected al the photos, tap on the Recover option.

select and recover photos

Within a few minutes, all your photos will be saved on your computer. You can also specify where you want to save those photos. Thus, you will be able to restore your photos as quickly as possible.


We hope that now you know how to recover deleted photos. Using the Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro will surely bring all your treasured photos back to your system. You can use the software on both Mac and Windows OS. And additionally, the software is entirely free for use.

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