Resovled: iOS 13 Downgrade Stuck on Recovery Mode/DFU Mode/Apple Logo

Apple often comes up with updates in the existing system software. But users don't always like the features that come with the updates. As a result, users often try to downgrade their iPhone. But therein lies the issue, performing the downgrade is not as easy as it sounds. People come across various kinds of issues like iPhone stuck issues. So, if you are trying to downgrade iPhone & it is stuck in recovery mode, then we can help you deal with the situation.

Here, in this article, you are going to explore how to resolve iOS 13 beta downgrade stuck on recovery mode/DFU mode/apple logo issue as quickly as possible.

Part 1: Common Tips To Fix iOS 13 Downgrade Stuck In Recovery Mode Or DFU Mode

Unless you follow the exact procedure and make some space on your iPhone, downgrading can be a really hectic task. So, if something went wrong with the procedure, try the solutions given below and it will resolve the problem.

Tip 1. Force Restart your iPhone/iPad

The first and foremost tip you should try is force restart your iPhone. As the downgrade is stuck, it won't respond to several commands. But you can force restart the device whether it is stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, or Apple logo. The methods to force restart iPhone models is quite different. So, make sure that you follow the process for your iPhone.

For iPhone 8 and later: Press the volume up button and release. Then do the same with the volume down button. After that, press the Power button and hold it for a few seconds until the Apple logo pop-up on the screen. Now turn your iPhone back using the regular method.

For iPhone 7 and 7Plus: To restart the iPhone 7 and 7Plus, press the power button. Hold it along with the volume down button and wait for a while until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 6 and earlier including iPad:Press the Home button and power button at the same time and hold them until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Now you can release the buttons and wait for a while before you restart the device.

force restart iphone 7

Tip 2. Manually Exit Recovery Mode Stuck

Many people don't know this, but once you enter the Recovery mode, you can also exit it manually. So, if the iPhone downgrade is stuck recovery mode, you only need to follow the steps give below to exit it.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes on it.

Step 2: Press and hold the sleep button on the device until you see the Apple logo screen. Don't let the buttons go and in a while, the "Connect to iTunes" icon will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Keep the device connected to the system and wait until the device boots up and you see the lock screen.

  • Disconnect your iPhone/iPad with computer.
  • If you are using an iPhone 8/8 Plus or earlier device, long press the power button to turn off the iPhone. If you are using an iPhone X or later model, long press the power button and either of the volume button to turn off the iPhone.
  • Press the On/Off Button again till the Apple logo appears. The device boots up and you see the lock screen

The lock screen means that you are out of recovery mode.

Tip 3. Manually Exit DFU Mode

The same manual exit method can be tried with the iOS downgrade stuck in DFU mode too. So, if your iPhone is stuck in DFU mode, try the steps below to get out of it.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer and connect the iPhone with it.

Step 2: Now press the home button/ volume button for iPhone 7 and above along with Power button release the buttons at the same time.

Step 3: Press the Power button and wait as the iPhone restart. When the iPhone restarts, you'll automatically get out of the DFU mode.

Part 2. Repair iOS to Fix iPhone Downgrade Stuck In Recovery Mode/Apple Logo/Freeze (No Data Loss)

If you got yourself into a disaster trying to downgrade your iPhone, then you should know about iOS System Repair tool. With the help of this software, you can resolve issues like downgrade stuck on recovery mode/DFU mode/apple logo without data loss. This software is specially designed to fix issues with iOS devices without leading to any kind of data loss situation. What is worth mentioning is that this tool not only fixes your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, spinning wheel after downgrade, but also rolls back to iOS 12 successfully after the system repair.

Download the latest version of the software and install it on your PC or Mac. Here are the easy steps to fix iOS stuck.

Step 1: Run the software and connect your iPhone with it. If your iPhone is stuck in recovery, it will detect it and the "Exit Recovery Mode" option is highlighted. You can click this opition to get out of recovery mode by one click.

get out of recovery mode

For other system issues, you can choose "Repair Operatin System" and click "Fix Now" to start system repair.

run iOS repair

Step 2: You will get prompted to download a firmware package for the device software. Click on the download button and wait as the file download finish up.

download firmware package

Step 3: Once the download is complete, click on the Repair Now button and the repair will start. It might take a while and when the repair is finished, the software will notify you.

repair iPhone

During the repair, the data stored on your iPhone will stay intact. If the simple repair won't fix the problem, you can switch to the Deep Repair mode to fix more serious issues in iOS devices.

Also you can learn the steps from the video below for how to fix iOS 13 beta downgrade stuck on recovery mode/DFU mode/apple logo.

Part 3. Recovery Mode Restore (Data Loss)

If you don't really care much about losing data from your iPhone, then you can always rely on iTunes Restore to fix most of the problems you face. So, downgrade stuck on Apple logo or DFU mode or Recovery mode can be fixed with a simple restore. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with the computer and launch iTunes in it.

Step 2: As the iPhone is in recovery mode or DFU mode, iTunes will automatically detect it and show a pop-up window asking you to either update or restore the device.

 iPhone restore with iTunes

As you are trying to downgrade the device, choose the restore option as the last backup of the iPhone will be restored.


As you can see, there are numerous methods that you can try if you ever face issues like iOS 13 beta downgrade stuck. You can always try out the common fixes and tips, but if you want a 100% reliable solution, then using iOS System Repair t is the best option you have.

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