How to Downgrade iPad from iOS 13/12

Many users find the latest iOS version intimidating that they downloaded it the moment it is released. The latest iOS 13 is also the same. Many iPad users updated their iOS without realizing the compatibility of their device with the iOS. Ultimately, the incompatible iOS will surely cause issues in iPad such as Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting, white screen, black screen, etc. Thus, the users will be left with no option other than downgrading iPad.

So, in this article, we will find a way on how to uninstall an update on iPad Pro/Air/Mini or iPad 4/3/2.

Part 1. What is a iPad Downgrade?

Downgrading means to reinstall iOS or delete the already existing software on your device. This will delete the downloaded apps from your idevice and restore it with the previous version that you select.

Part 2. Points to Remember Before You Downgrade iPad

Before you really downgrade iPad 2/Mini/ 1/Air/Pro or any other model you must remember some things.

  • Downgrading iOS will wipe all the data from your idevice, so make a backup first and then move on to the downgrading process.
  • Also, before you select the firmware for your device, ensure that the old iOS is still signing by Apple Inc.

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Part 3. Downgrade iPad without iTunes

Instead of going through a complicated process on how to delete iOS update for your iPad via iTunes, you can choose iAnyGo software. The software is specially developed to ease up the upgrading and downgrading process of the iOS version in the idevices. It will simply install or uninstall your current iOS system and replace it with the one you want without using iTunes. You won't even require to download a separate firmware file for the process.

The step-by-step guide to downgrade iPad is given below:

Step 1. Download and install the iAnyGo software on your computer. When it is downloaded, launch the software and connect your iPad with the computer. From the main interface, choose the Downgrade Your Current iOS version with No Data Loss option.

select downgrade your current iOS version option

Step 2. In the next screen, the software will display the device information, i.e. device name, model, iOS version, etc. The firmware package will also be listed and you only need to click on the Download option to import the firmware package suitable with your device.

download the firmware package

Note: If you have already downloaded the firmware, you can also import it from your computer.

Step 3. The download of firmware will take some time, as the file size is big. When the download completes, the Downgrade option will be highlighted. Tap on the Downgrade button and it will start uninstalling the current iOS version from your iPad and download the stable previous or older version.

downgrade the current iOS

The software is fully efficient in replacing your current iOS version with an older one that you see fit for your device. Moreover, the data on your device won't be lost and still, you will be able to downgrade your iOS. The iAnyGo is a safe and reliable method that would help the users to restore any iOS version without iTunes smoothly and quickly.

Part 4. Downgrade iPad using iTunes

The users, who are looking for a method on how to undo an update on iPad, can do this with iTunes too. If you prefer iTunes to change the iOS in your iPad then you can use it. The only drawback of the process is that it takes more time and results in n data loss. So, you will need to create a backup of your data first.

Whether you have iPhone or iPad, if the latest iOS update is not compatible with your device, then you must uninstall the update immediately. Follow the steps below to downgrade iPad via iTunes:

Step 1. Immobilize Find My iPhone settings in your iPad iCloud setting and ensure that it stays turned off while you carry out the process.

Step 2. You will also need to download the IPSW file for your iPad model from the official website. It is the firmware for your device that will be used while downgrading the iOS.

Step 3. Now, connect your device to the computer and launch iTunes. It will automatically detect the iPad and display the data. You will find a device icon on the top of the iTunes panel, click on it and enter the Summary tab.

Step 4. Tap on the Check for Update button while holding the Option button if you are using Mac computer, in case of other PCs, press Shift key. This will open the window from where you can download the IPSW files. You have to find your firmware package manually.

downgrade ipad using itunes

Step 5. When you find your firmware file and click on the Open button, you will get a message saying iTunes is trying to install iOS on your iPad. Click on the Update option and wait for almost 30 minutes or so then you will be asked to enter PIN number of your iPad.

Step 6. After iTunes have downloaded the firmware, your iPad will restart and you will have the downgraded version of iOS of your choice.

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Part 5. Is it Possible to Downgrade iPad without Computer?

If we are being true, it is impossible to downgrade iOS without the help of a computer. You will require a Windows PC or Mac for this purpose. So choose any of the above-listed methods to downgrade the iOS version of your device.

Bottom Line

Downgrading iPad is possible as long as Apple is still signing for the older iOS. And iAnyGo makes iOS downgrade easier than ever.

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