How to Recover Files after Mac Time Machine Backup Failure

Time Machine is a backup tool developed by Apple to create incremental backups of files including photos, contacts, calendar, events, songs, etc. If you lost data in Mac machine or mistakenly deleted files, you can restore the backup file to get back data. But what if you failed to make backup file or you couldn't retrieve files because of Time Machine errors or corruption? Do the files lost forever? The answer is no, there are solutions provided even you come across Mac Time Machine failure.

How to Fix Time Machine Failure

Unable to complete backup or an error occurred while copying files to the backup volume. Those are the typical errors you may meet. Without doubt, you can update the software, reboot Mac or repair permissions, deleted .inProgress files, update the OS to the latest release and apply all security patches to solve that problem. If you can't get the satisfied result, the last method, not the best one is format hard drive.

How to Recover Data after Time Machine Failure

Format hard drive will result in data loss severely. In this case, a piece of data recovery software is seriously requested. Data Recovery for Mac can recover photos, video, audio files and documents, etc. from formatted Mac hard drive. It is also suitable for the situation when you deleted data after Time Machine failure and prefer to get back data. Read the following guide to see the detailed info.

Step 1: Scan Mac Volume

Install Data Recovery for Mac in your Mac machine. Launch the program. You will see 5 recovery modes in the home interface. Here I suggest you choose "Raw Recovery" which will scan every block of volume to find lost files. Then select a corresponding partition where the lost files original located and click "Scan".

Step 2: Preview Scanned Result

All scanned result will be listed there with file extension. Check each file to preview them. This tool lets you preview photos, audio files and other file formats includes TXT, RTH, PDF, MP3, AIFF, WAVE, NEXT, SD2, AU and HTML.

Step 3: Recover Files after Time Machine Failure

After indentifying which files you prefer to recover, then click "Recover" button to perform data recovery. If you don't want to recover files this time, you can save the scanned result and recover them with Resume Recovery mode next time.

Done, you have recovered lost data if time machine failure happens.

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