How to Recover Lost or Deleted PowerPoint Documents

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PowerPoint was extensively used by companies, education institutions and other organizations to make product presentations, courseware, slideshow, annual reports, etc. Its robust function allows users to add photos, music files and other contents to enrich the documents. In the process of creating PPT file, you may meet one of those accidents:

  • 1. Click "Close" or "Quite" to erase unsaved PPT document that you have spend two hours to make;
  • 2. PPT presentation froze with no reason and you hit "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" to thaw out. Consequently lost new work in the presentation.
  • 3. Format hard disk and lost really important PowerPoint file;
  • 4. Erroneously wipe out PowerPoint documents you don't mean to .
    And more…

Is There Any Way to Recover PowerPoint Documents?

Yes, there are some methods available to recover PowerPoint. For the first two cases stated above, you can check PowerPoint temporary items. In general, there is a folder called "Temporary PowerPoint Files" or something like that. Search for "Temp" in the Finder and check all the promising-looking folders that come up. If the document exist there, open it to proceed with edition and save it correctly.

For the last two cases, if the space the file took upon your hard drive has not been written over, you can recover PowerPoint document using the powerful PowerPoint Recovery software out there.

Rescue PowerPoint Documents with PowerPoint Recovery

PowerPoint Recovery offers powerful data recovery capacity that enables Windows users to rescue deleted or formatted PPT files completely with all original contents containing formatting, layout, graphics, audio files, etc. are exactly retained. A Mac version can be obtained there, too. If you are a Mac user, you can use PowerPoint Recovery for Mac.

Part 1. How to Recover PPT with PowerPoint Recovery for Windows?

Step 1: Scan PowerPoint Documents Contained Partition or Other Storage Devices

Install PPT Recovery in other partition except for those one covering PPT files. Run this program. If you would like to recover other devices' PPT files, connect the device to PC with USB porter. Select select the types of files you are to restore and the drive your files stored, then click "Scan" button.

select location to scan

Step 2: Sift out PPT files from all Scanned Documents

In this screen, you will see all scanned files displayed with similar file signature. Check PPT folder to pitch on specific PPT files you prefer to recover.

preview select delete

Step 3: Recover PPT Documents

Once indentify which files you would like to recover, click "Recover" button to go on recovery. In the pop up window, specify a secure location for the recovered files and click "Ok" to finish operation.

save data

Part 2. How to Recover PPT on Mac with Mac PowerPoint Recovery?

If you are using Mac PC, go to try Mac PPT Recovery. Go for the tutorial of how to recover lost PowerPoint on Mac.

recover PPT Documents on Mac

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