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Top 4 Freeware to Recover Data from SD/Micro SD Card

Jan. 14, 2015 02:13 pm / Posted by Jerry Cook to Card Data Recovery
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"My LG G3 doesn't work due to virus attack, so I have no choice but to format the SD card! I lost ALL photos, notes and other document files just in a blink! Is it possible to retrieve lost data from SD card free?"

lost data from sd card

SD card data loss issue

Nowadays SD card plays a more and more important role in our daily life to store pictures, documents, music, videos and other files. But it's all too easy for us to wipe all SD card data by accidently click "delete all" button, abrupt removal of SD card sudden power surge during copying process or virus attack.

4 Solutions to recover lost photos/music/videos/other files from SD card for free

Fortunately, no matter how you lost SD or Micro SD card data, there're always free solutions online to help you out. And in the following, I'm to introduce 4 well-known free SD card recovery programs with which you can easily recover data from SD card for free.

Tips: Before starting, you'd better keep the 3 points below in mind to ensure the complete SD data recovery.
  • Stop using the SD card in case the new data overwrite those lost data.
  • Don't install the freeware onto the SD card that you want to recover from.
  • Don't save the recovered files onto the same SD card that you're recovering from.

1. Free Any Data Recovery

Free Any Data Recovery is free SD card recovery software that enables you to recover deleted /formatted/lost documents, pictures, videos, music, etc. from SD card, USB drive, pen drive and the like. Most importantly, it's extremely user-friendly that even a newbie can easily retrieve wiped files from SD card.

free any data recovery

But there's a limitation to the SD data that you could recover for free: 500MB. If you want to restore 2 GB+ deleted SD card data, you have to pay for its official version: Any Data Recovery Pro.

2. Recuva

There're 3 versions for Recuva: free, home and business. And the free version works so great that enables you to recover erased files from SD card. In short, it's a free Windows-based tool to recover photos, music, videos, documents and other files from digital camera/mobile phone SD or Micro SD card caused by misoperation. In addition, it uses green/yellow/red light system to indicate how difficult it is to recover those lost SD data.

recover lost sd data with recuva

Note that Recuva will be installed in your system drive by default and the scanned lost files would be renamed randomly, which brings great inconvenience if you have loads of SD data to recover. Most importantly, it doesn't work for Mac OS X. If you're just Mac users, please skip to Triumph Card for help.

3. Undelete 360

Except for the fact that Undelete 360 enables you to recover deleted SD card file, it also resembles Office 2007 application. It scans all the drives of your PC and list the scanning result by types or properties. Furthermore, you can check whether the scanned SD data are easy to recover by different recoverable conditions they're in.

how to recover sd card data with undelete 360

Note that Undelete 360 hasn't updated since February 28, 2013 and it can't scan as much lost SD data as Recuva does or recover SD card files after format. It doesn't take a genius to know how important it is for software to keep up with times.

4. PhotoRec

Unlike above 2 freeware, PhotoRec does well in SD card photo recovery and works for both Windows and Mac OS. In addition to that, it also supports recovering more than 390 types of files from SD card, which include videos, music, documents and pictures. It allows you to choose the partition that you want to recover from as well as the path that you want to save those recovered files.

retrieve lost sd data with photorec

But note that PhotoRec is not compatible with Windows 8 or above and its command-prompt-like interface makes it hard to use. If your computer runs on Windows 8 or you don't have much experience with command prompt, you'd better take advantage the following Triumph Card.

Triumph Card: Card Data Recovery

Honestly speaking, there's no such thing as free lunch. If you do want to find a quick, easy and useful way to recover lost SD card data, Card Data Recovery ($29.95) and its Mac version: Card Data Recovery for Mac ($39.95) are the best SD card recovery software for your choices. It's an all-inclusive data recovery tool that enables you to easily recover lost music, videos, photos, documents and more from corrupted/formatted/damaged/broken/locked/unreadable SD card, CF card, Memory Stick, PC card, external hard drive, etc. FYI, you can click here to see how it works.

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