How to Recover Hard Disk Involving CHKDSK Error with CHKDSK Alternative

CHKDSK refers to Microsoft's hard disk scanning and repair utility that automatically repairs hard disk errors when computer crashes or powers off unexpectedly. For example, if your computer is shutdown incorrectly, CHKDSK can save the documents that you haven't had time to save. But what if CHKDSK error occurs? How do you recover hard disk involving CHKDSK error then?

Actually, CHKDSK can't correctly diagnose hard disk error and sometimes even will damage, fragment the recoverable data making your hard disk unrecoverable. To avoid this, you can totally turn to CHKDSK alternative, which helps to recover lost documents, excel files, zip files, videos and other 550+ types of files resulting from various hard disks problems like accidental deletion, virus corruption, hacker attack, etc. See how it works below.

How to Recover Hard Disk Involving CHKDSK Error

Most importantly, the CHKDSK alternative makes it much easier to complete complicated hard disk data recovery that only 3 steps is required.

Step 1: Download the CHKDSK alternative to PC first and launch it after installation.

Note: The alternative works well on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, if your PC runs on Mac OS X, please go for CHKDSK alternative for Mac to repair hard disk problems on Mac.

Step 2: Select the file types you want to recover from hard disk and click "Next" to choose the specific location where stored the lost data.

Step 3: Click "Scan" and then it will display all scanned photos, videos, music, documents, etc. from hard disk on the primary interface just as the picture show. Select your desired hard disk files and click "Recover" to retrieve them to local PC.

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Important Tips: To ensure 100% success of hard disk data recovery, don't install the alternative to CHKDSK or recover the lost files to the same hard disk where the lost data once located. Moreover, CHKDSK alternative can also replace Scandisk to check disk platters for defects.

Optional: CHKDSK alternative vs. CHKDSK

CHKDSK alternative seems to be a good choice when hard disk is involved with errors. But as a matter of fact, it would always be your first choice since it is professional hard drive repair software. And the following is a brief comparison between them.

CHKDSK utility cannot work if you're not familiar with Windows command. Namely, using it to recover lost data from hard disk is never an easy thing for newbies. In addition, CHKDSK doesn't allow other programs to run until complete since it takes over the hard disk. What's worse, you can't interrupt CHKDSK, or you'll get additional errors.

However, CHKDSK alternative is extremely user-friendly as you can see from the tutorial mentioned above. Moreover, it allows you to stop scanning whenever you want and resume the scanning result next time. Most importantly, the alternative to CHKDSK also supports recovering lost data from SD card, flash card, etc.

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