How to Easily Recover Lost Files after Windows 10 Crashes

“My computer recently crashed. What should I do to recover my files: pictures, folders and the other items on my C: drive. I did a recovery, but failed to recover any files. Any helpful trick?”

This is really a disastrously common issue that happened to many Windows users. Perhaps you have tried many online tricks but were still unable to restore files on crashed Windows 10 laptop. In fact, to try on the easy-to-use third-party software is the best choice that will offer the most efficient help, which will not be waste-time and will be well-focused to solve your problem!

Any Data Recovery Pro is a powerful data recovery program that can help you recover lost inaccessible files photos, videos, audios, documents and other documents from crashed Windows 10 computer. It is extremely easy, fast and safe!

Download this software and install it on your Windows computer.

Steps for How to Recover Data after a Windows 10 Computer Crash

Step 1: Select file types for recovery

Launch the installed program on your computer, the types of files can be restored will be shown. Then click on Next to proceed. You are allowed to uncheck the files for recovering.

files can be recovered are shown

Step 2: Select a location or hard disk drive to scan lost files

Choose a location and press Scan to scan lost files. Please note that the location could be the Desktop, My Document or one of your hard disk drives.

select a location to save the recovered data

Step 3: Preview files by Path, File or Time and rescue lost files

After the Quick Scan, you can preview the recoverable files by path, file type or the time when this file was created and click Recover.

preview the files that are going to be recovered

If the files you hope retrieve are not shown, please go to Deep Scan that will scan out more files.

Step 4: Choose a location to save the recovered files

Choose a location to save the recovered files properly. Do not save the data to the place where your lost data used to locate in case that the recovered data get overwritten.

So easily and quickly recover lost files when Windows 10 crashes with these simple steps done, right? If you are wondering how to delete files from Windows 10, you can learn more from this useful article: How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 10.

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