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Top 3 Tips You Need to Know about Data Recovery for Mac

Nov. 03, 2013 5:36 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to Data Recovery on Mac
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Bad thing happens, even to good people. You must be frustrated when your Mac hard drive failed and lost data, especially when the hard drive crashed and you didn't have a current backup. You may also be annoyed when you accidently deleted files, folders on your Mac and emptied the Trash Bin. Data loss can also occur to your external hard drive. There are so many situations that you need to recover data on Mac, such as on the MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Pro.

If you ask for the best data recovery software for Mac, Data Recovery for Mac is the one you should have in their toolkit. This Mac data recovery software is designed to allow you to recover lost data from formatted, corrupted, or altered partition, or even just files you inadvertently deleted in an easy fashion. Moreover, it can help you recover deleted files and folders on any external hard drive on Mac. It works with the latest Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.7 (Lion) and the previous versions on all Mac computers.

Well, let's figure out some information about data on Mac firstly.

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Tip 1: How Mac Files are Stored?

Your Mac writes files to its hard drive disk as a series of ones and zeros in available space on the drive. It then creates pointers to those files in a database which is normally called the directory. When you go to retrieve a particular file by opening it in the Finder or an application, the directory is consulted and the data is read from the drive.

Data Recovery for Mac

Tip 2: How Mac Files are Deleted?

When you deleted Mac files, they are moved to the Trash. If you skipped the Trash or emptied the Trash, those ones and zeros are intact. It just removed the pointer in the disk directory. The space of those "deleted" files is able to overwrite when new files are saved

Tip 3: How to Recover Deleted, Lost Data for Mac with Apple Data Recovery?

If you find you deleted files on Mac, avoid any further drive activity: Shut down your Mac and don't use it until you recover data on Mac, otherwise it will put new data to overwrite the space and make the lost files unrecoverable. Then use Mac Data Recovery as soon as possible, the earlier you recover lost files on Mac, the higher possibility you can retrieve lost Mac files.

See the quick and easy guide on how to recover data on Mac:

You can also go for free data recovery for Mac.

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Free Download For macOS 10.14 and below
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