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How to Root HTC One M8 with Ease

Jul. 02, 2015 02:50 pm / Updated by Andrew Coffe to Android
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The new HTC One M8 is a great smart phone which does a lot of fantastic things. The fresh and inviting design, significant battery life, amazing performance and useful Duo camera with the ability to take high quality pictures and videos without fuss all are marvelous. If you have bought this device and are looking for a way to unlock HTC One M8, then you are in the right webpage. Here, this post will share a full working tutorial on how to root HTC One M8 with ease. After HTC M8 unlocking, your device can overcome its limitations and other operations that are inaccessible to a normal android user.

Part 1: What Is HTC M8 Rooting
Part 2: Why You need to Root HTC One M8
Part 3: How to Root HTC M8 Easily

What Is HTC M8 Rooting

Rooting means giving yourself root permissions on your phone and obtaining "superuser" rights. It's similar to run programs as administration in Windows. You can gain the ability to load custom ROM, install custom themes, increase performance, increase battery life, and install software that would otherwise cost extra money with these elevated privileges. Simply to say, rooting HTC device is almost equivalent to jailbreak iPhone.

Why You Need to Root HTC One M8

HTC users may question:" Whether should I root my HTC M8 or not? Why do I need to do the HTC m8 rooting?" Actually, rooting your HTC device can benefit you a lot. Below is listed the reasons why you deserve to root it. After finishing reading, I believe that you won't be in the dilemma as before.

How to Root HTC M8

How to Root HTC M8 Easily

Here you are provided the easy and efficient software to root HTC M8- HTC One Toolkit. It's a cool tool that makes HTC rooting as simple as installing an App and running it. Now just follow the instructions below step by step.

First of all, go to Setting and turn on Fast Boot option.

After finishing rooting, you'll have full access to the entire system and run more Apps, which can disable bloat ware, control App permissions, enable tethering, and do a lot of other wonderful things! If you lost data during rooting, I'd recommend Tenorshare Android Data Recovery for you to retrieve lost files.

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