Free Tenorshare Android Data Recovery - The Must-know Info

Accidently deleted or inexplicably lost data on your Android phone or tablet? Anxiously looking for solutions of free Android data recovery? The free Android data recovery software may be your first consideration since solving problems without any cost is a big attraction. But before you make the final decision, you should note the must-know info about data recovery from Android.

The Must-know Info about Free Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

To better recover data from Android devices for free, you should know the following things first about free recovery data app for Android.

- The Reasons Why You lost Data on Android Devices

Making it clear that how you lost Android data would be a great help for you to determine the recovery solution. There are 2 kinds of reason for your data loss from Android: the logical reason and the physical reason.

  • 1. Logical errors: includes file system corruption, virus attack, quick and full format, software malfunction, mistaken human deletion, etc. This kind of data loss is generally recoverable as long as the disk drive is recognizable in the computer.

  • 2. Physical failure: memory card get burned, broken, water damaged, etc. Physical failure can result in total data loss and it would become unrecoverable.

- Free Data Recovery Software for Android Phone/Tablet

For information confirmed, I have searched the Internet for thousands and tens of thousands of times to find out the free data recovery software for Android mobiles, but things turned out less than satisfactory. At present, there is no authentic program for free Android phone data recovery. Some free Android tablet recovery programs may claim that they are free but would charge you a fee at the last step. However, I do agree with the charge since some of the software must have been put in lots of cost and labor power and they deserve the fee as long as they are really good enough for help.

Till now, I have found the Android data recovery coupon TENO-C43Y-QYAA for the program of Android Data Recovery , and if you are interested in it, you can have a try. This free software is the best one to undelete for unrooted Android devices and rooted ones I find through thousands of results and it can help you recover Android multiple data, including contacts, SMS text messages, call history, photos and videos. Unlike other free data recovery software for Android, this program is safe without information leaked and allows you to recover data without limitation of times.

If you prefer the freebies, you can also try the free version of Android Data Recovery, which allows you to scan lost data from Android devices for free.

Have the Android Data Recovery free download first. Here is the simple guide for free data recovery on Android phone/tablet..


  • 1. The recovery of photos and videos is quite simple on an unrooted Android device with Tenorshare Android Data Recovery. You need to root your device for the recovery of contacts, test messages, and call history.
  • 2. Install a right USB driver on your computer first.
  • Step 1. Connect your Android phone/tablet to computer with a USB cable, or you can connect the Android device via Wi-Fi. Then enable USB debugging and turn on USB storage following the instructions on the windows.
  • Step 2. Press "Allow" on your device and click "Start" on the software interface to allow Android Data Recovery to scan your device.
  • Step 3. Select the lost files to preview and choose the wanted ones to recover. This's all for how to recover deleted files without any cost on Android.

The version of Tenorshare Android Data Recovery software free download allows you to recover the first 3 ones of every kind of files for free. If you want more files recovery, go for the full version of Android Data Recovery and you will surprisingly find it worthy of what you have done for it. If you want to recover unrooted android files on Mac for free, go to Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Mac.

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