Best Alternative to Enigma Recovery for iOS Device

We use our iPhones and other Apple devices everyday to store contacts, pictures, chats, texts, videos, music, and different types of data. And this data has certain significance to it. Most of the times, when you try to free some space, you accidentally delete some important stuff. If there is a backup present, then the situation can be handled. But what if the backup is not present? Also sometimes, the device might face different issues. In such cases, you need an iPhone recovery tool.

Enigma recovery is one of the most used software for this purpose. It is developed to operate on your handset or tablet but can also be used with the help of a computer. This tool can operate on both Mac and Windows systems and can be operative in recovery of data. But sometimes, users feel that this tool is not up to mark. And hence they look for enigma recovery alternative.

Part 1: Advantages and Disadvantages of Enigma Recovery for iOS

Today we will give you the best the enigma recovery for iOS alternative. But before we move on, let us have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the tool for better evaluation.

Advantages of Enigma Recovery for iOS

  • The tool has a clear UI and hence no confusion while using it
  • It offers a friendly experience for the user while using the tool
  • It supports both Mac and Windows operating systems
  • The tool can be used to recover a number of data such as contacts, messages, notes, calls, and more
  • In addition to this, it is widely used among users

Disadvantages of Enigma Recovery for iOS

  • The tool needs another iOS app to import the recovered data back to the original device
  • This is troublesome and wastage of time
  • The tool consume much more time to scan the data as compared to most other data recovery tools
  • The tool supports less number of files for recovery as compared to most other data recovery tools
  • In addition to this, the tool consumes much space in the device, in which it has been installed
  • Most of the users have complained about Enigma recovery keeps crashing
  • Relatively high cost recovery as compared to most other data recovery tools

Part 2: Best Enigma Recovery Alternative for iPhone

Keeping all the drawbacks in mind, users are in search of different alternative for enigma recovery. And hence we give you alternative to enigma recovery— Any iOS Data Recovery. This tool is has the ability to replace the enigma recovery in every possible way. This tool helps to recover all your deleted files on iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS device. The software can recover deleted items such as notes, messages, videos, and much more with simple and easy steps. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: Connect your computer and iPad and run the tool software on your device. The default mode is "Recover Data from iOS Device."

ultdata main screen

Step 2: Now click on "Start Scan." This will scan your device's complete data.

initiate scan

Step 3: Once the process is over, preview the files and find the deleted files that you need to recover. Choose the files you wish and click on "Recover." Your deleted files will be recovered.

recover deleted ios 12 data

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Part 3: Comparison of Enigma recovery and Any IOS Data Recovery

Now that you have seen the two tools, you might have the clear view in front of you as to which tool is the best. Evaluating both tools side by side, let us have a brief of enigma recovery iPhone review again.

When it comes to user interface, even though Enigma recovery has a clear UI, the Any iOS Data Recovery wins the fight here with simple yet sophisticated UI. In terms of performance, the Enigma recovery software was a bit slow as compared to Any iOS Data Recovery. This is the main aspect of the tools. Even though they serve their purpose, the rate at which they perform the task is also important.

Moving on, Enigma recovery lacks one important feature, which was the winning stroke for Any iOS Data Recovery. The preview feature of Any iOS Data Recovery (which allows you to preview the data before restoring) was absent in Enigma recovery. This is one of the most important features as it saves space as well as time.

Lastly, the price factor also had a major blow on Enigma recovery. The software was too costly as compared to Any iOS Data Recovery.

The Bottom Line

Seeing the big picture here, you had a clear look on Enigma recovery. You also saw its advantages and drawbacks. Most importantly, you had a look on best Enigma Recovery alternative—Any iOS Data Recovery, which is the perfect alternative for Enigma recovery. This was concluded while evaluating both the tools side by side.

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