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How to Reset Windows 8 Password

Dec. 05, 2012 4:13 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to Windows 8 Tips
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forgot windows 8 password"I have been using Windows 8 for a month and recently it asks me for my administrative password to make software installations to my desktop PC... The password I created when I installed Win 8 doesn't work. What is the administrative password? I only see my user account on user accounts....admin account not listed. How can I reset Windows 8 password in a quick way?"

- Anonymous from yahoo answer

As Windows 8 is getting more and more popular, a growing number of people start to look for ways about how to recover Windows 8 password, so that they could regain access to Windows when they forgot Windows 8 password. As a result, I and my colleagues summarized 3 methods about Windows 8 password recovery.

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Method 1. Create Password Reset Disk to Reset Windows 8 Password

reset windows 8 password

The Forgotten Password Wizard creates the disk. When the Progress bar reaches 100% complete, click "Next", and then click "Finish". Remove and then label the password reset disk. Store the disk in a safe place.

If you want to use Windows 8 password reset disk to reset Windows 8 password, you must create Windows 8 password reset disk before you forgot Windows 8 password. However, it's so sad that many users forget to create a password reset disk before lost Windows 8 password. Don't worry, we have more than one way to bypass Windows 8 password!

Method 2. Hack Windows 8 Password with Reliable Software

If you want to seek help from reliable software, I highly recommend you try Windows 8 Password Reset tool, an efficient yet easy-to-use tool that not only helps to recover Windows 8 admin password, but also has a superb performance in cracking passwords for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, NT, etc. You could follow the steps below to see how to crack Windows 8 password.

Method 3. Bypass Windows 8 Password with "lusrmgr.msc" Command

Note: This method could also help you hack Windows 8 password, however it may make you lose access to all encrypted files, stored passwords, and personal security certificates in your computer.

As we have detailed 3 different methods to remove Windows 8 admin password, you could choose the most suitable one for your situation. If you want to try the easiest and yet most efficient way, it's a good choice to seek help from the Windows 8 password recovery tool we mentioned in Tip 2.

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