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Hard Drive Failure: Warnings and Solutions

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Hard drive forms the basis of our computing. All hard drives crash, sooner or later. If you don't have a backup plan for your data on hard drive, you must experience lots and lots of sweats and tears to recover lost data if hard drive failure happens.

Part I: Warning Signs of Imminent Hard Drive Failure

hard drive failure

In some cases, you can see some signs before hard drive failure actually happens. When you start seeing a noticeable increase in the following patterns, you must back up your data to take top priority. Otherwise you really are playing Russian roulette with your hard drive.

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Part II: Cause of Hard Drive Failure

Part III: What to Do if Hard Drive Failure Occurs?

Don't try to be a hero. If there's time, get your data backed up. The only way to recover from such a failure is to typically restore data from a backup onto a new drive. Fix Genius offers a handful of emergency solution before pending hard drive failure happens: backup Windows system, programs installed, files (including your precious photos, videos, music, documents, Emails), and even the entire disk in the event of hard drive failure. If the drive is not really crashed, you can utilize on of utilities in Fix Genius to recover lost data from accidental deletion or corrupted file structure, as well.

Once the drive actually dies, though, your only option to fix hard drive failure is to use a data recovery service. Since there is no software utility out there that can recover data from a crashed hard drive.

hard disk failure

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