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Four Tips you Should Know While Perform Photo Rescue on Memory Card

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It happened to most of us. We may deleted photos from digital camera or mobile phone or formatted memory card due to some unknown error. Ever worse we encounter memory card error and that makes us lost all photos.

In general, memory card corruption or formation will destroy only the mapping tables which map host addressed to physical positions within the NADN memory. Unless you write something to NAND, then potentially you will loss photos. Conversely, there still have chances to rescue photos.

Four Tips you Should Know after Losing Photos and before Photo Rescue

Tip 1: Stop Taking any More Photos

Whether it is digital camera or mobile phone, after losing photos, stop any operation to the memory card. In most cases, the data should be still there, only the address table shows unreadable. If you take more pictures, you may end up overwriting something, making images unrecoverable.

Tip 2: Equipment you should Prepared

To execute photo rescue, you need a car d reader, USB porter, usable computer

Tip 3: Software you Need

For Windows Users, you can use rescue photo software. For Mac customers, Photo Rescue for Mac is the perfect picture rescue utility. Both features powerful batch recovery ability that can easily recover multiple files in one easy action as well as support of viewing or listening to files prior to recovery.

Tip 4: Store your Photos Carefully

You should always store photos carefully in the safe place. Never pull the memory card out of the camera or a computer without ejecting it first. Make a backup now and then. For the retrieved images, store them to other location except for the previous memory card.

Download Any Photo Recovery Software:

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Secure Download Windows
Secure Download Mac

How to Rescue Photos with Photo Rescue in Windows?

Step 1: Scan Memory Card

Insert memory card to card reader and connect it to pc with USB porter. Launch the program. In the main screen, select removable media and photo option, then click "Scan" to begin.

rescue photos

Step 2: Preview Photos

In this Windows, you can see all photo files are showed with separate extension. Unfold each folder to see the detailed info. You can preview them after check file in the task list, exactly get what photos you prefer to get back.

photo rescue

Step 3: Execute Photo Recovery

Select what photos you would like to recover and click "Recover" button to finish recovery.

rescue lost photos

How to Rescue Photos on Mac OS X?

How to Rescue lost photos with Mac Photo Rescue is the same as the steps above: Select the voluem->Select "Photo"->Select the photos you need->Save the resuce photos.

rescue photos mac

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