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How to Retrieve iPhone Files If You Got iPhone Black Screen

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iphone black screen of death"After powering my iPhone 5 off then on I would get a black screen after the Apple logo. Tapping on the screen or pressing any of the buttons doesn't help at all. I tried rebooting a few times and had the same issue. The only way I can get the slide to unlock screen to appear is to answer a call and hang up. Is there a way to retrieve iPhone data when I have iPhone black screen?"

What is iPhone Black Screen

iPhone black screen is also known as iPhone black screen of death. You can still hear text messages, music and calls coming in, but there's no way you can do anything. iPhone black screen appears when there is physical damage or software damage to your iPhone, or it may appear after you restore iPhone from iTunes and update iOS 7.1/7. iPhone black screen makes your iPhone unable to respond to any physical touch.

How to Recover iPhone Files When Got iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S/4/3GS Black Screen

When iPhone black screen appears, it is impossible to view all the iPhone contacts, pictures, notes, call history, etc.. Then do you lose all the information on your iPhone? Of course not, you could recover iPhone contacts when iPhone goes black with the help of iTunes Data Recovery. The program will get all your iPhone data back with easy steps. In the demo we take iPhone 5(including iPhone 5s/5c/5) for example.

Free Download iTunes Data Recovery Software:

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Step 1. Scan iPhone Backup Files

When you free downloaded and installed iTunes data recovery, launch it on your computer. Then the program will automatically detect your iPhone backup files. Select the icon signifying your iPhone backup files, and then click "Start Scan" to begin scanning.

iphone goes black

Step 2. Preview iPhone Files you Want to Recover

To make sure you recover the exact photos, contacts, notes and other files, you can preview before recovery.

iphone black screen

Step 3. Recover iPhone Files for Black Screen iPhone

Finally, click "Recover" to recover files from iPhone 5 black screen. This way you can also recover important data from iPhone when you got iPhone 4S black screen and iPhone 4 black screen.

With iTunes Data Recovery you will never worry about iPhone black screen after restore, iPhone black screen after update or any other reasons that cause iPhone black screen and you can easily recover iPhone contacts, photos, notes and more even your iPhone goes black.

How to Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death?

Apple Support Team have detail about this question, Click here to lean more.

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