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3 Ways to Restore iPhone 5 after iOS 6 Update

Mar. 19, 2014 02:31 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to iPhone 5/5S/5C Tips
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Apple has released iOS 6 update for iPhone 5, allowing users to better enjoy iPhone 5 with this iOS 6.1.4. However, while updating iPhone 5 to iOS 6 versions, such as iOS 6.1.4, 6.1.3, 6.1.2, 6.1.1, etc. you may suffer data loss. If you want to recover iPhone 5 after iOS 6 update, you can try the following 3 ways.

How to Restore iPhone 5 after iOS 6 Upgrade?

Updating iPhone devices would cause data loss, such as you may lose important photos, contacts, SMS, call history, etc. Calm down when you lost files. There are 3 easy ways for you to restore iPhone 5 after iOS 6 update.

Way 1: Retrieve iPhone 5 after iOS 6 Update from iTunes Backup

If you are lucky to backup data with iTunes before you update iPhone 5 to iOS 6 versions, you can restore all the backed-up data to iPhone 5. However, iTunes would never allow you to get access to the files and directly view them in details. With iPhone 5 Data Recovery, you can easily preview and optionally select any wanted files to restore iPhone 5 after iOS 6 upgrade by extracting iTunes files in details.

Download Any iPhone 6/5/4/3GS Data Recovery Software:

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  • 1. Run iPhone 5 Data Recovery on Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, select "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File". Choose your backup file and click "Start Scan".

    restore iphone 5 after ios 6.1.4 update

  • 2. Preview backup files and select the wanted ones to recover.

Way 2: Directly Restore iPhone 5 after iOS 6 Versions Update without Backup

If you have no iPhone 5 backup files, the workable method on how to restore iPhone 5 after iOS 6 update is to use Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery to directly recover the lost iPhone 5 data. This professional data recovery tool can help you retrieve any data on iPhone 5 without putting your device into DFU mode.

  • 1. Connect iPhone 5 to computer, select "Recover Data from iOS Devices" and click "Start Scan".

    restore iphone 5 after ios 6.1.3 update

  • 2. Select files to preview and recover.

    restore iphone 5 after ios 6.1.2 update

Way 3: Restore iPhone 5 Data from iCloud Backup after iOS 6 Update

If you have iCloud backup, you can also retrieve iPhone 5 contents from iCloud backup with this iPhone 5 data recovery tool. It won't erase your data on the device. Log into iCloud account under the mode "Recover Data from iCloud Backup File", and then start data recovery.

    recover iphone 5 data from icloud ios 6

How to Update iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1.4?

There are two methods to update your iPhone 5 to this new version of iOS 6.

If you lost data during the updating process, never hesitate to use iPhone Data Recovery to help you recover iPhone 5 data. If you are Mac users, try iPhone Data Recovery for Mac to restore iPhone 6 on Mac after iOS 6 update.

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