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How to Recover Deleted, Formatted Photos from CF Card

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CF (short for CompactFlash) cards are devices for mass storage. They are popularly used in portable electronic devices like digital cameras, PDAs, mobile phones, because of their portability and large hard disk space.

Static electricity, camera problems, computer errors or a bad card reader can wipe out hundreds of photos in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, you may have problems with a CF card and may not be able to open the files, or you may accidentally delete a photo or wipe all of them by formatting the CF card.

Finding out your CF card is unreadable or the files disappeared is the digital equivalent of opening your old 35-mm camera while the film is still in it. It is frustrating.

If you lose any information on your CF card, you can recover CF Card using a CF card recovery program. Tenorshare Card Data Recovery is the right tool you can rely on to recover lost data due to accident deletion, formatting, or card corruption. It enables you to recover lost photos, videos, and audios. Of course, if you need to recover other storage media, like hard drive, camera, mobile phone, SD card, it works excellent. For Mac users, you can turn to Tenorshare Card Data Recovery for Mac.

Download Card Data Recovery Software:

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OK, let's try CF card Recovery for Windows and check the steps in detail. The guide of Mac version is similar, you can refer to how to recover cf card on mac.

Step 1: Select Your CF Card

If your computer does not have CF port, then you can use a CompactFlash to USB converter. Attach the card into the CompactFlash drive, and then plug the USB cord into an open USB slot on your computer. Select your CF card on the drive list and click "Scan". (You can change the default set to specify a recovery mode and select file types before hitting "Scan".)

cf card recovery

Step 2:Preview & Select Files

After it completes scanning, all your files including photos will be listed. To check whether they are your need, you can preview photos (audios also can be previewed) by highlighting them. Select the ones you need and click "Recover".

recover cf card

Step 3: Save

Well, you need to navigate a folder on your computer, instead of your CF card, to save the recovered photos.

Why can't save them to your CF card? If so, your lost data on CF card will be overwritten and can't be recovered forever.

recover deleted photos from cf card

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