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SD Card Error

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SD Card Error

SD Card Error Solutions to Fix Media Card Error in Your Phone, Game Console

SanDisk Secure Digital (SD) memory cards are used for many purposes. They have almost replaced traditional photographic film entirely. However, they can also be used for recording video or simply used as multipurpose additional memory. Despite its popularity, I believe most of SD cards users have met such a problem: SD Card Error.

Some of the common SD card errors like

Fix Memory Card Error

SD card error - Why?

Many probable reasons are attributed to causing those SD Card Errors above.

Serious consequences of media card error

If no ready measures were taken after you got a SD Card Error Message, you will be very likely to lose access to the data which saved in your SD Card or lose those precious photos, videos forever. Or even you cannot use that SD Card any more.

Useful resolutions needed be worked out within no time

Solution1: Unlock the memory card.

There is a Lock switch on the left side of the SD card. Make sure the Lock switch is slid up.

Solution2: Check your data in SD Card if it can be accessed or not.

Connect your SD Card carrier to a computer and check if you can access data there, if not, you may use another card reader and try to access the stored data on a PC. If it still cannot access to the data, you still have your last resort.

Solution3: Use Tenorshare Photo Recovery to do the SanDisk Recovery.

If both solution1 and solution 2 cannot figure out your SD Card problems, then trust Tenorsahre Photo Recovery which is a very popular SanDisk Recovery software program. Below are the detailed instructions on how this tool works on recovering your lost SandDisk SD card data easily.

Clear about all those solutions listed above? Still be bothered by SD card error? I swear you will not feel bothered any more.

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