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Pop iOS Apps Are Free Due to Apple App Store 5th Anniversary Coming

July. 09, 2013 11:58 am / Posted by Andrew Coffe to News
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It is reported that since the iOS App Store's fifth anniversary is coming on July 10 this week, Apple has taken many fashionable and high-ranking apps free, and naturally, the top games also go without any charge.

This is first spotted by The Verge, who said that a host of highly regarded apps for iPhone and iPad have been free as a major celebration to mark five years since Apple launched the App Store.

apple pop apps are free

The Top iOS Apps and Games for Free

It is said that there are many free popular apps and games and none of these apps have ever been free on the App Store before. Many of them have commanded relatively high prices until new. Let's see what the Top iOS apps and games are free and here is the list.

Apple is yet to make any announcement regarding the offers, and none of the apps in question give any explanation on their store pages. People speculate that since the Apple App Store has been live for five years till this week, the deals may be part of a coordinated celebration.

Apple sent out a poster last week detailing a timeline of major App Store milestones, including explosive growth that saw 1 billion downloads in 2009, 10 billion in 2011, and 50 billion in the past month of May, 2013.

Now there are more than 850, 000 applications on the App Store, and the library has also expanded to a new product lineup, the iPad. There are 350, 000 native iPad applications also available on the App Store.

Since the pop iOS apps are free, you would experience a wonderful trip with more cool apps and games on your iPhone or iPad. However, due to some improper operations, you may suffer data loss from your Apple devices. If, unfortunately, you are in this case, try iPhone Data Recovery to help you recover the deleted or lost data from iPhone or iPad.

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