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Eye-Fi the First Memory Card with Built-in WiFi Review

Mar. 09, 2013 11:35 am / Posted by Andrew Coffe to News
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Eye-Fi is the first memory card to automatically upload photos & videos using WiFi. If insert an Eye-Fi in your camera, you can instantly and safely upload digital photos to a local computer (running Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X) or a mobile device such as a Smartphone or tablet (running iOS or Android) wirelessly and automatically. And Eye-Fi can also be using like regular SDHC card. After images are safely transferred, card space is free up automatically.

Memory Card with Built-in WiFi

Eye-Fi currently produces three models of WiFi SD cards: "Connect X2" (4 GB), "Mobile X2" (8 GB) and "Pro X2" (8 GB or 16[4] GB). The "Connect X2" support endless memory and automatic photo & video upload. The "Mobile X2" model of WiFi SD cards supports 8 GB memory storage, endless memory and automatic photo & video upload. The "Pro X2" (8 GB or 16[4] GB) is the latest model of Eye-Fi. The Pro X2 retains all the existing capabilities of the existing 8GB version, including upload to a Smartphone, direct connection to a Wi-Fi network, auto backup and raw file transfer. The new 16GB card provides twice the storage capacity of the prior Pro X2 card, while the Class 10 performance delivers ultra-fast read and write speeds.

Here I will introduce some new features of the new model of "Pro X2"

Compared to the common memory card we used, memory Card with Built-in WiFi like Eye-Fi does bring great convenience to us. It is really worth us having a try. But this is also a problem. How to recover lost Eye-Fi data? I highly recommend you the Card Data Recovery that will recover delete, lost or formatted photos, video, audio and documents in seconds.

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