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Fix Genius is an all-inclusive software package that will boot up crashed computer from a bootable CD/DVD/USB, and fix computer booting problems, repair corrupted Windows system and provide other functions like find Windows password & product key, Office product keys, partition, clone hard disk, and etc.

We divide this tutorial into four parts according to functions(Windows Rescue, Password &Key Recovery, Data Recovery, and Disk Tools), and one additional part: How to Create a bootable CD/DVD/USB which is a compulsory step before you enter the WinPE environment to use the above four functions.

Create a Bootable CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive

How to Boot Windows from Burned CD/DVD?

How to Boot Windows from Burned USB Flash Drive?

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How to Creat Boot Disk
Recovery All Data
How to Fix Disk
Find Back Password & Key
How to Rescue Windows
Computer Won't Boot
Computer Freezes
Solve Computer Crash
Blue Screen of Death
Windows 7 Boot Disk
Reset Windows 8.1 Password
Create Bootable USB
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