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How to Recover Lost Files after System Restore in Windows?

Nov. 28, 2014 11:06 am / Updated by Jerry Cook to Data Recovery
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lost files after system restore

"I performed a system restore on my computer and a lot of my important files were lost. Is there any software to recover files after system restore? Any suggestions will be appreciate."

Operating a system restore won't make your data erased but there is highly possible that some of your personal files are deleted while system restoring. If you have backups for your system before you operate a system restore, you can retrieve files from backups after system restore. But I have no backup, are my files gone forever? No! They are not! Those deleted files are still there. The space where the deleted files located before was marked as free for new data to occupy. If only the deleted files were not overwritten by new ones, they can still be recovered. Third party data recovery program make it easy to recover files after system restore. You can still recover lost files with file recovery software with a few clicks!

Retrieve Files after System Restore from Backup

If you have backed up all your files before you restore system, you can retrieve your lost files from backups. Here is a step by step guide to recover files from backup.

File Recovery after System Restore (No Backup)

One of the best utitlity to get back deleted files is Any Data Recovery Software. Install it under instructions with a few clicks.
Almost all data recovery software works in the same way to recover data. They can recover data from hard drive after deeply scanning your hard drive to look for lost data after system restore. And has a trial version that can scan your hard drive for free to preview the information of your files (file name, size, date).

It is easy to recover data after system restore with File recovery software. Taking Tenorshare Data Recovery as an example, there are four steps to recover your files.

The easiest way to recover data after system restore is to use a File recovery program. If needed, download it to scan your hard drive to check out whether your lost files can be retrieved!

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