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Contact Center

We welcome your feedback, suggestions and comments about our products. If you have any questions related to our products or for establishing business relationship with us, do feel free to contact us. Please select a recipient for submitting your message to the right person.

Technical support

If you have problems with one of our products, we would please ask you first to visit our support center, which is always available. We will reply you within 24 hours.

Questions regarding orders, invoices, product keys, and multiple licenses

In order to receive answers about these topics, please contact us at support#any-data-recovery.com (replace # with @).

Questions about the Tenorshare Affiliate Program

If you want to enjoy our affiliate program, or have any question about it, contact us at affiliate#tenorshare.com (replace # with @)

Cooperation and resale queries

In order to discuss questions about cooperation and resale opportunities, please contact us at reseller#any-data-recovery.com (replace # with @).


If you need reviewer's copies, information, graphical material, authorizations for publishing test versions of our products on CDs that accompany periodicals, or if you have any other concerns regarding press matters, please contact us at press#any-data-recovery.com (replace # with @).


For criticisms about or problems with our website or the order process please contact webmaster#any-data-recovery.com (replace # with @).

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